The Tenant Scrutiny Panel

Making the most of your home

The panel is here to help fellow tenants enjoy their homes. We scrutinise the services of York Housing Association and provide detailed reports to help improve their services. All our time is given free as unpaid volunteers. We manage our own budget and decide what services we look at based on what matters to residents. 

Benefits of joining us

  • Being part of a team of residents that make a real difference to how your rent is spent

  • Influencing local issues that affect your neighbourhood

  • Getting out of your home surroundings and meeting new people in a friendly environment

  • Enhancing your people skills at all levels and improving your computer skills.

What our panel members think...
“Gave me a fresh lease of life”
“Gained new understanding”
“The training was exceptional”
“The Board were hugely complimentary and supportive”
“Shadowing the staff made me realise the enormous variety of their daily tasks”

If you want to know more, why not come along to one of our meetings, (in person or digitally), to see for yourself what we are doing. No-one will pressure you to get in-volved further if you don’t feel that it’s for you!

Who are the Tenant Scrutiny Panel?

Our success stories

We have taken an in-depth look at lots of the services we get from YHA, including  - Gardens and Grounds Maintenance, Empty Homes, Tenant Involvement, Planned Maintenance and Service Charges.


We have encouraged value for money throughout these projects. After all, it is our rent that is being spent.

Some of the changes YHA have made based on our advice includes:
  • Tenants who are moving home now receive a leaflet which explains how the property should be left.

  • At some schemes, residents are now checking what is done by gardeners and keeping YHA informed.

  • Residents are being given clearer information on their Service Charges and better opportunities to get involved in keeping down the costs for them and their neighbours.

  • Panel members also took part in the interviews of companies competing to deliver the grounds maintenance service.

How you can help

Tell us whether we are looking at the right things and asking the right questions.


Contribute when we look at something that really interests you – the YHA website and newsletter will include details of what we are looking at.


Tune into a meeting of the Scrutiny Panel remotely using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Scrutinise our draft reports and make recommendations - get your point of view across.


All new Panel members receive free training and any additional support needed.

All out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed, including IT needs.

Think YHA could do more to listen to residents and act on our suggestions?  


Have ideas about which services YHA provide that you want the Tenant Scrutiny Panel to look into?


Would like to know more about us and what we do?  


Might consider joining the team yourself?  


You can get involved with Scrutiny in several ways – it doesn’t always have to be coming to meetings.


Tune into a meeting of the Scrutiny Panel remotely through a weblink.


Take a look at our draft reports and tell us what you think of the recommendations we are making to YHA.

atraining and any additional support needed. All out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed, including IT needs

We want to hear from you
You can get involved with us in many ways, you can even join the Tenant Scrutiny Panel - helping us make a difference! Please fill in the form below, a member of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel will reply as soon as possible.

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