The York Housing Association Customer Promises

The YHA Customer Service Standards had not been reviewed for about two years, so we asked our customers to help us with a refresh. We outlined a set of standards that could always be expected from us under the four headings of The Regulator of Social Housing’s consumer standards – Home; Tenancy; Neighbourhood and Community; and Tenant Involvement and Empowerment. Customers were then given some additional standards to chose from under each of the headings and asked to rank them in priority of what they would like us to make a promise on.

Beryl Briggs won a £100 gift card.
Beryl Briggs won a £100 gift card.

We sent questionnaires out to customers at the end of August. We received 57 responses, which have been counted and collated Congratulations to Mrs Beryl Briggs who won our prize draw which all responses were entered into.

As we are going to promise these to you, here are the York Housing Association Customer Promises :


  • All blocks of flats with communal doors will have a current and up to date Fire Risk Assessment.

  • All our homes will meet the Decent Homes Standard which is a Government standard to ensure your home is safe, has modern facilities and has the correct level of thermal efficiency.

  • All properties requiring a legionella (water hygiene) risk assessment and survey will be undertaken every two years.

  • We will ensure your home is kept safe by undertaking a Landlords’ Gas Safety Check annually.

  • We will undertake an electric test of your home at least every five years.

  • We will carry out an annual reinspection of known asbestos in communal areas and homes built prior to 2000.

  • We will undertake a lift service every three months on communal lifts.

  • We will inspect lightning conductors annually.

  • We will service fire alarms quarterly in communal areas.

  • We will service emergency lighting six monthly in communal areas.

The top three additional promises voted for by customers :

  1. When you report a repair, we will complete it within the following timescales: - 24 hours for emergency repairs - 20 working days for non-emergency repairs

  2. We will endeavour to complete your repair right first time.

  3. We will offer you an appointment for all repairs.

Neighbourhood and Community

  • We will inspect play areas on a quarterly basis.

  • We will ensure that neighbourhoods and communal areas associated with your home are kept safe and clean.

  • We will publish our policies about how we deal with Anti-Social Behaviour.

The top three additional promises voted for by customers :

  1. We will contact a customer within one working day of receipt of a report of (serious) ASB.

  2. We will ensure the needs of victims and witnesses of ASB are assessed and reviewed on a regular basis to enable support to be tailored to individual needs.

  3. A named officer will be appointed to each ASB case.


  • We will provide all customers with clear and appropriate information in relation to their new home, including legal obligations relating to their tenancy.

  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your home from offer to commencement of tenancy.

  • We will give you the chance to view any home you’re offered and give you information to help you decide if it’s the right home for you.

  • We will let our homes in accordance with Choice Based Lettings or Local Authority Schemes.

  • We will inform you of our mutual exchange scheme.

  • We will allocate properties to make the best use of available housing, including those with specific adaptations.

The top three additional promises voted for by customers :

4. We will keep you updated on the progress of your application and when the property will be available to you.

5. At sign up we will support you and provide advice that will help you with your tenancy.

6. We will give you 48 hours to decide whether you would like to accept a new home.

Customer experience, involvement and empowerment

  • We will engage you and your neighbours in decisions about the things that affect you.

  • We will ask you for feedback and give you the opportunity to be involved in shaping the way we deliver our services.

  • We will give you a wide range of opportunities to influence and be involved in :

  • the writing of our housing-related policies and strategic priorities; and

  • decision making about how housing-related services are delivered, including the setting of service standards; and

  • the scrutiny of our performance and the making of recommendations about how we might improve (through the Tenant Scrutiny Panel); and

  • agreeing local offers for service delivery.

  • We will support you to develop and implement opportunities for involvement and empowerment, including by :

  • supporting the formation and activities of tenant panels or equivalent groups and responding to them in a constructive and timely manner; and

  • providing timely and relevant information to support effective scrutiny of our performance by tenants, i.e., publication of our annual report, including information on repair and maintenance budgets.

Customer service, choice, and complaints

  • We have a clear, simple, and accessible approach to complaints which ensures complaints are resolved promptly, politely, and fairly.

  • We will aim to put things right as soon as possible if things go wrong.

  • Your complaint will be acknowledged within one working day.

  • A full response to your complaint will be sent within ten working days.

  • If we are unable to meet this deadline, we will contact you and advise why.

  • We aim to resolve 75% of complaints at the first point of contact.

  • Should you not be happy with our response to our complaint, you have the right to appeal.

The top three additional promises voted for by customers :

7. We will help you to understand your responsibilities as a tenant.

8. We will routinely consult you before making any significant changes to your services or service charges.

9. We will make sure your service charge reflects the cost of providing the services you receive.


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