Become a York Housing Association Estate Champion

How do you fancy being more involved in the work of York Housing Association by becoming an Estate Champion?

As you know your home / area / community better than we do, your involvement would be invaluable in helping to shape services. We’re looking for customers to have some responsibility and ownership of their community and have a voice to feel empowered to work with us to make improvements to where the live; that could be ways to improve schemes / properties, report issues such as ground maintenance, or repairs, etc.

You’d have a monthly walk around your area with your Housing Officer, and between times you would be our eyes and ears, letting us know if there are issues with, say, the gardening service or the cleaning. Alternatively, let your Housing Officer know when the gardening service has been carried out fabulously !

Other areas to look out for :

  • Ideas for estate improvements

  • Feedback on estate management services

  • Property damage / repairs i.e. lights not working in communal areas, trip hazards etc

If this is something you’d be interested in, please contact your Housing Officer or Rachael Simmons, Customer Insight & Involvement Manager – Tel: 07710 731834.


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