Become a YHA Champion!

York Housing Association has appointed its first customer insight and involvement manager as another way in helping tenants to have a stronger voice within the organisation.

Rachael Simmons joined the YHA earlier this year and is already busy introducing herself to tenants and homeowners across YHA. She had worked for the NHS previously in another senior management role and hopes that experience will stand her in good stead over the coming months and years.

Whilst Rachael will be involved in the regular feedback surveys and analysis already in place she is very keen to have a “hands on” role and wants to involve as many customers as possible in helping to shape future services within YHA. This might be through focus groups, telephone chats, drop-in sessions, planned events or temporary pop ups.

She is also hoping to set up the first Tenant Customer Panel with residents from different areas across YHA taking part. They will meet to discuss issues affecting them and their neighbours.

If this is something you would be interested in then Rachael would love to hear from you.

As well as the main links and communication networks across YHA, Rachael is keen to ensure minority groups also have a voice. She is hoping to recruit volunteers in the near future for roles such as a Minority Community Champion and a Disability Champion.

Said Rachael: “There are already lots of ways to get involved in YHA and help improve our services, but I know people are so busy and I want to try and make it even easier to get in touch and make your views known.
“I also want to set up other roles that are more practical, such as a Tenant Void Inspector where tenants would help to inspect empty properties and ensure they meet our lettable standards. Sometimes a tenant might look at things from a different perspective”. email:

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