Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange doesn’t just mean you have to swap like for like. You could:

  • Downsize

  • Upsize

  • Swap across the country… or down the road

  • Swap a flat for a house… or a house for a maisonette

  • Get somewhere with a garden

  • Find a property without stairs or adapted for the disabled.

Once you have found the property you wish to swap you must always obtain the written permission from both landlords. Your landlords will then complete all the paperwork with you and let you know if you are eligible for a swap.


If you are interested in the mutual exchange scheme then you can:

  • Apply through Home Swapper

  • Contact our customer service team, who will advise you of any Choice Based Letting scheme operating a mutual exchange register.

  • Contact our office on 01904 636061 who will provide you with more details and send you the necessary paperwork.

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