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Living at Auden House

What is Auden House?

Auden House consists of 41 apartments for rent and communal facilities for people over 55 who need care and support in order to live independently.  Please see our Welcome Brochure.

What do the apartments consist of?

Each apartment has two bedrooms, an open plan kitchen/living area and a fully accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower.  Floor coverings to kitchen and bathrooms are provided, but you will need to make your own arrangements for the flooring in the hall, lounge and bedrooms, as well as curtains.  Apartments are unfurnished, so you can bring your furniture with you, have familiar things around you and make your apartment your own.

How much is the rent?

The total rent per week for a single person is £238.17. If there is an additional person living in the apartment, the rent increases as there is an addtional cost for the food for that person (£253.67).  Some flats have kitchens specifically planned  for wheelchair users and in these apartments we provide an electric cooker, an electric hob and a fridge freezer. There is an additional charge for these appliances;this cost is small (£4.81).

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes the following services:

  • Heating to each apartment
  • Water charges
  • Laundry facilities - see below for details
  • Assisted bathing facilities
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance of the lift, fire alarms, CCTV and door entry system
  • Warden call system- if a resident is faced with an issue we can instantly provide help. Each resident has warden control cords in their bedroom and some have pendants with a button to press in case of emergency.
  • Housing support - to ensure all tenants living at Auden House live as independently as possible.
  • Residents lounge with the TV and other items (such as games) for the use of residents
  • A three course meal, seven days a week served in the restaurant.

It is a condition of the tenancy that all residents must contribute to the running of this lovely building and therefore the costs cannot be reduced if you choose not to use any of the above facilities.

Can I get any help with paying my rent?

If you are on Housing Benefit at the moment then it is likely that you will continue to get help. If you are on full Housing Benefit you would have to make a contribution to cover things that Housing Benefit does not cover such as heating, water and the cost of your daily meal.  The amount that Housing Benefit would expect you to pay is £33.60 per week for single occupancy and £49.10 for double occupancy.

You may find that this does not work out expensive when you add together what you would normally pay for your heating, water and a substantial meal each day.

If you are not on Housing Benefit at the moment or are not sure whether you are entitled to any help with your rent, we can advise you.

What else will I have to pay?

You will be responsible for paying your own Council Tax and you will have to pay for any electricity you use for running your normal household appliances. You may also have other household costs such as a TV licence, any subscription to digital TV companies, such as Sky and for a telephone if you wish to have one.

You will also need to pay for any food you may want in addition to your midday meal. You would shop as normal for this or there is the opportunity to buy a breakfast in the restaurant if you wish. The caterers can also organise for you to purchase basic household provisions from them and there is also the internet cafe where you could choose to get help to shop online.

What happens if I don't want to be home at lunchtime?

If you let the caterers know in advance then they can provide you with a cold meal (such as a sandwich or salad) that you could have when you come home.

Can anyone else live with me?

When you are allocated an apartment, this will have been based on your accommodation, care and support needs. If someone else was on your application form for housing then we will know about them and they can move in with you. We normally prefer to give joint tenancies when two people move in together. You cannot subsequently allow someone to move into your apartment without first discussing this with us. We would normally grant anyone else permission to move in with you. The flats are only intended for up to two people.

What type of heating is there?

The heating is energy-efficient underfloor heating run by an air-source heat pump. Although there is one system for the whole building, there are controls within your apartment to allow you to set the temperature to suit your needs.

Can I have a gas or electric cooker?

There is only electicity in the building so you would need to bring your own electric cooker or purchase one. If you have been allocated an apartment with a kitchen that is adapted for wheelchair use then a cooker and hob are provided.

Can I have my own washing machine?

There is a space in the kitchen where you could choose to put a washing machine if you wish. There is also a laundry on the ground floor for use of residents and there is no extra charge for using the washers or driers, the only thing you would need to provide is washing powder. There are also irons and ironing boards in the laundry for you or your carer to use.

Where can I store my electric scooter or bicycle?

There is a store just inside the entrance on the ground floor. Scooters can be charged and stored there along with bicycles however places are limited.

Can I have a pet?

The building is not sutiable for cats and dogs,although guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed. Residents can bring small pets with them, such as birds or fish.

Are there any staff on site?

York Housing Association employs a manager who will usually be on site Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. There will also be housing support staff on site during the day, Monday to Friday.  Your Housing Officer will hold drop-in surgeries on site and we will let all residents know the times of these.  You can also request that your Housing Officer visits you in your apartment outside the surgery times. There will be catering staff and cleaning staff in the building during the daytime seven days a week.

Can my family make use of the facilities on site?

We would enourage your family and friends to use the hairdressers, Mwah for hair; the Terrace Cafe and Internet Cafe. If you would like to book lunch for family or friends the caterers will let you know how far in advance you would need to let them know.

We would ask that family and friends either visit you in your flat or make use of the public lounge/Terrace Cafe and bistro. For the comfort of all residents the lounge next to the laundry is available for the use of residents only.

Who is the guest room for?

There are two lovely guest rooms avilable for you to book for family or friend who are visiting you. One has a single bed and an ensuite bathroom and the other has two single beds and an ensuite bathroom. There is a charge per night which is payable on arrival. Please ask our staff for details of the room rates.  Guests can choose to stay on a room-only basis or with a breakfast included.

Can I have guests to stay in my own apartment?

You are welcome to have guests to stay for temporary periods in your own apartment.

This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

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