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The Internet Cafe at Auden House

What is the Internet Cafe?

The Internet Cafe consists of five PC machines and one colour printer. It is available 7 days a week to members of the public. It is located right next to the Terrace Cafe and so is convenient if you want to do a bit of internet surfing whilst grabbing a bite to eat. It is a quiet studying environment or easily turned into a lovely place to meet for a social catch up.

How much will it cost me?

The Internet Cafe is good value for money. It currently stands at £1.50 per hour and 10p for each photocopy. 

How does Auden House use the Internet Cafe?

York Housing Association has a Digital Inclusion Worker based at Auden House who will support you with all your digital needs throughout the week.  This support is free of charge.

Auden House also works alongside Computer Start and on Thursday offers free computer lessons to residents and local people over retirement age.


Silver surfer Carmel is computer wizard!

Carmel has joined the ranks of the silver surfers by getting online.  From skyping to internet shopping, Carmel, 80, is learning the computer basics and is already enjoying the benefits of emailing to keep in touch with her friends and family at home and abroad.  She is one of several of our residents getting to grips with computer technology. 


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

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