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What do we do at Auden House?

Our mission is to be an excellent landlord, providing high quality housing and support services, making a positive contribution in the communities with which we work.

Auden House provides a home for people over 55 who need a bit of help to remain living independently.  It means that people don't have to take the huge leap from living independently in their own homes to moving to a nursing home when they start to become frail.  Auden House offers a good compromise, it allows residents to move into the comfort of their own self contained apartment whilst providing them with a whole range of facilities right on their doorstep.  York Housing Association provides the building and all the services that go with it, plus we employ housing support staff to provide support Monday to Friday to enable people to maintain their tenancies whilst more specialist care agencies provide personal care up to seven days a week.  We work closely with City of York Council and Riccall Carers to ensure that everyone living at Auden Hosue lives in a safe, comfortable environment where they receive care and support tailored to their needs.  Some residents choose to employ their own care provider and this is perfectly acceptable.

Not only is Auden House home for the 41 households who live there, it is also intended to be of benefit to the local community and passing public.  That is why we have onsite a meeting room, hairdressers and cafe.  We encourage the public to visit us so that they can help us ensure that Auden House is a lively building where people can meet up in lovely surroundings.


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

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