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Customers Own Stories

We are told by new customers how good it is to read stories from people we have supported.  It helps customers feel that they don't have unique problems and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Have you had support from our service? Would you like to share your story with others? Please let your Support Worker know and together we can bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to others.

ST was referred to York Homeless Prevention by the Mental Health Early Intervention Team as she was failing in her tenancy.

ST was working part time and thought this was enough to get by on and that she had no need to claim the relevant benefits she was entitled to. She had been using credit cards to supplement her income.

At the outset ST wanted seemed to want to engage with our service but she wasn't well, wasn't medicating and was ill so didn't keep in contact. The Housing Support Worker with his knowledge of mental health persisted and kept trying to engage with ST but she frequently disappeared from her home for periods of time. Unfortunately ST was sectioned and at this point got back in contact with the Housing Support Worker. Her situation had escalated and she was being taken to Court for non-payment of Council Tax, non-payment of Water, was receiving demands by credit card companies and had been served a NOSP by CoYC.

Now that ST was sectioned and receiving the right medication and support, the Housing Support Worker was able to engage with ST a lot better and over the period of 9 months has supported ST to;

  • Make a new claim for DLA
  • Claim a tax rebate of £900
  • Negotiate with CYC to withdraw the NOSP due to her vulnerabilities
  • Suspended action on the Council Tax arrears due to her vulnerability
  • Negotiate with creditors and the bank to make payment plans
  • Made a referral to a charity to get ST a cooker for when she returned home.
  • Claim Working Tax credit
  • Make an application to Yorkshire water for a grant to pay off the arrears which has been received.
  • Look at budgeting and payment plans
  • Communicate with her employer and keep them updated

Without this flexible intervention, ST would have lost her home and on release from the psychiatric hospital would have been homeless and most probably been referred to a resettlement hostel where she would not have been able to cope because of her mental state and nature.

Update - ST has been allowed home as a result of everything that is now in place. Her discharge plan states that ST should continue to engage with her Housing Support Worker as a stable home has a positive effect on ST's condition.


SP a 30 year old single female came to us pregnant and living in a 3 bedroom house with 3 other adults and one child. She was staying in a single bedroom with her brother and was sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

We worked with the local Rent Assist Scheme and the Home Options Team to find SP more suitable housing. SP was served a notice to leave the property because of overcrowding. In partnership with the local rent assist scheme we provided SP with a deposit for a new house and 4 weeks rent and after working closely with the home options team found SP a new suitable property which she moved into. SP has since given birth to a baby girl and is happy in her new home and is free from the threat of homelessness.




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