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What to do if your home needs a repair

Some minor repairs are your responsibility and these are generally really easy and simple to do, please click here to watch some handy films that will help you.

We are committed to providing a high quality repair service which meets the needs and expectations of our tenants. You and York Housing Association share responsibility for looking after and maintaining your home. These responsibilities are set out in your Tenancy Agreement and Tenant Handbook. Please click the download button to view a copy of the Tenant Handbook.

The Association is not responsible for any damage caused by you, your family, or your guests whether accidental or deliberate.

Ways to Report a Repair

When reporting a repair this can be done in the following ways:

  • By ringing the Repairs Hotline on 0845 605 4050 during office hours. Outside office hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.
  • By ringing our office on 01904 636061 during office hours. Outside office hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.
  • By ringing the Emergency Repairs Hotline on 0845 601 5676 out of office hours. Please note that we can only deal with real emergencies outside office hours, more details of what we consider an emergency can be found below.
  • By using the repairs form on this website.
  • By writing to or calling in at our office.

Giving us information about your Repair

When reporting a repair it is very helpful if you can provide as much information as possible including exact details of the repair, contact numbers and when you will be at home.

When you call it may be useful to refer to the Handy Hints for Householders booklet which we issue to all tenants.

We will ask you:

What is the problem?

Where is it?

When did it start?

What is happening now?

How we deal with repairs

We have four response times for dealing with repairs depending on the urgency. They are as follows:

1. Emergency repairs are dealt with within 24 hours
2. Urgent repairs within 5 days
3. Essential repairs within 14 days
4. Routine repairs within 30 days

Please note that where a repair has been classed as routine we aim to carry these out as quickly as possible within the 30 day timescale.

Gaining Access to Your Home

We will arrange an appointment with you or arrange for a contractor to contact you direct, it is important that you allow access to your home for repairs to be carried out, if you need to cancel or change an appointment contact repairs staff as soon as possible, otherwise you may be charged for wasted visits. We will make arrangements to suit you but please note we are not able to provide a repairs service at weekends unless there is a genuine emergency.

If you are not satisfied with any repair service received

If you wish to make a complaint please see our Complaint to Make section.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is any repair that is an immediate risk to safety, security or health, or which may seriously damage a property. If you describe a repair as an emergency and it turns out to be routine then we will charge you for the cost of the call out.

The type of repair that we would not class as an emergency is if your heating goes wrong over the weekend. We would expect you to report this to us to be dealt with on the following Monday. There are occasionally exceptions to this, for instance an elderly person without heating in very cold weather.

What to do in an Emergency

Please ring the out of hours emergency repairs hotline on 0845 6015676. This will take you through to our call centre ‘Ryecare'. Their staff are trained in how to deal with emergencies and will ask you information that will help them to determine whether it is a real emergency. If they do not class it as an emergency they are not authorised to send a contractor out but will take details and pass the repair on to us when our office is next open.

Sometimes emergencies are more appropriately dealt with by other companies. Situations where this might be the case include:

Suspected Gas Leak
Turn off the gas supply at the mains and open all windows. Do not operate electric switches or appliances. Do not smoke or use naked flames. On these occasions telephone Transco immediately on 0800 111999 and arrange to meet the gas engineer. Notify York Housing Association.

Evacuate the property, closing all doors behind you. Call the emergency services on 999.

Unless more urgent measures are required (see below for advice and additional numbers).

If all, or part of the supply fails, check your fuses. If the fuses are not the problem turn off the supply at the mains fuse box and ring the repairs hotline. If there is a total power failure in the area contact your electric company.

Please note that problems with electricity is a common reason why we have to recharge tenants. In the vast majority of cases it is the fuse that has tripped so please make sure you check before phoning us to avoid receiving a bill.

Water Supply
If this fails check the stopcock as not been turn off. If the problem persists turn of the water heater and phone the water authority.

Storm or Flood Damage
Telephone the repairs hotline and ask them to make the area affected safe. Call the emergency services is there is a danger of people being seriously injured.

Notify the Police immediately and the repairs hotline if the property is no longer secure.


Gas (Transco): 0800 111 999
If there is a gas leak call this number

Gas Supply Line: 0870 608 1524
This company can tell you which supplier provides the property you are moving into with gas

British Gas: 0845 609 1122
To arrange an account for your property in your name & to organise sending payment tokens/cards

Electricity Supply line: 0845 145 6789
This company can tell you which supplier provides the property you are moving into with electricity

Yorkshire Electricity: 0800 590 915
To arrange for an account for your property in your name & to organise sending payment tokens & cards

Yorkshire Water: 0845 124 2429


Q :- If the repair is my responsibility will I be given the opportunity to arrange for the repair to be carried out myself or will you do the work and charge me.

A :- Normally we would expect you to arrange for the repair yourself. ,Bearing in mind that if the repair is not carried out quickly, further damage to the property may occur we would ask you to make sure you do this as quickly as possible. Remember we are always here to give advice.

We may however, decide that the work needs to be done by our contactors for health and safety reasons and re-charge you the cost, this will be explained to you at the time and an arrangement to pay by instalments may be offered

Q :- if there is a water leak and my belongings are damaged will the Association replace them or pay me compensation.

A :- The Association is not responsible for compensating you for damage to your own belongings. We would strongly advise you to take out home contents insurance and will supply you with details of a company who provide cheap insurance for Housing Association tenants.


We have given all tenants a Handy Hints booklet which explains how to deal with repairs which are your responsibility. But if you are not sure who should do the repair contact your association staff and we will be pleased to help,

We are always looking for ways to improve the service to you and have carried out demonstrations on how to deal with repairs that are your responsibility at tenant events. During 2010 look out for more work we are doing to help and advise you on these type of repairs.

What you can expect from us and our Contractors

Our contractors should always contact you to make an appointment before doing any work.

They should be polite, presentable and carry ID Cards.

They should be considerate, take precautions to protect your carpets, decorations and furniture and clear up after themselves.

We welcome feedback on the service that ourselves and our contractors provide. We send you Tenants Satisfaction Survey, with a Freepost envelope. Your comments, both good and bad, will help us to make sure that we provide the best possible repairs service.

How you can help when our contractors visit your home ?

We always encourage our customers to ask anyone working on behalf of YHA to show their I.D.

To help us carry out the work efficiently you can help by making sure the area around the repair is free from obstruction.

You should also keep any pets, especially dogs, under control, and make sure your children are kept a safe distance away from the area where the work is being carried out.

Rechargeable Repairs

In some circumstances the Association will recharge tenants if repair costs are assessed as being the responsibility of the tenant. These circumstances include :

Recharges are made to tenants for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Where the tenant, their household members or visitors have caused accidental or willful damage to property
  • Reinstatement where the tenant has carried out DIY to a poor standard
  • Where a contractor has made an appointment with a tenant to carry out a repair, the tenant subsequently fails to give access and the Association receives a bill for an abortive visit
  • Where the Association has made an appointment with a tenant for the Property Maintenance Worker to carry out a repair and the tenant does not give access


Your Right to Repair

As a tenant you have the right to have repair work carried out. This is your legal entitlement and details are set out in your Tenant Handbook.

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