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Affordable housing
Affordable housing is housing built with subsidy from the Government, Housing Association or other means, either for rent, outright sale, or shared ownership. The subsidy enables the cost of rent/purchase to be affordable for households who cannot otherwise afford the market rent/sale price in the area.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
Is behaviour which goes against what is generally acceptable to society. This can include criminal acts as well as less serious behaviour such as general un-neighbourly behaviour.

Black Minority Ethnic, term used to describe minority groups recognised as falling under the Race Relations Act 1976.

Board members
All housing associations have board members who form the governing body and oversee the work of the executives and the organisation.

Extra Care
Extra care is now widely used to describe retirement housing, for rent, owned or part owned, where care is available. As residents' needs change, the level of care they receive can also change without the resident having to move.

Equality and Diversity
To define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.

Floating Support
Floating support is often used to support people living in their own home in short-term periods of difficulty and can cover a range of issues, tailored to individual needs.

Housing Benefit
A means tested welfare benefit administered by the local authority providing eligible residents assistance in meeting the cost of rent. Helps residents to pay their rent. All tenants, Council, Housing Association or private, are eligible to apply. How much help anyone receives depends on their income and other circumstances.

Homes England
The housing and regeneration agency for England. They provide funding for affordable housing and improve quality of life by raising standards for the physical and social environment.

Housing Ombudsman
The Ombudsman can investigate complaints and other matters referred to them and make recommendations for action. They are independent of the people and organisations they investigate.

Major repairs
Replacement of life-expired major components of a property (eg. roof, windows, kitchens, bathrooms). Usually planned in advance. Also referred to as Planned Maintenance. Tenants are consulted on this work.

Mutual Exchange
A tenant's right, under certain conditions, to exchange his/her tenancy with the tenant of the same landlord or another public sector landlord.

Regulator of Social Housing

This Body regulates all registered Housing Providers


Racial Harrassment
Violence which may be verbal or physical and which includes attacks on property as well as on the person. The violence is suffered by individuals or groups because of their colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins.

Risk Management
A method of identifying, assessing and monitoring risks in a way that enables an organisation to minimise losses and maximise opportunities.

Service Charges
The money leaseholders pay for services such as caretakers, common rooms and cleaning, lighting and maintenance of common parts and gardening.

Shared Ownership
Shared ownership helps people who cannot afford the full cost of buying a home outright. With shared ownership you buy a share of your home and rent the rest.

Social Housing Grant
Grant from the Homes and Communities Agency to subsidise the cost of developing affordable housing. It is given to Housing Associations to develop schemes in their area.

A person, group, organisation, or system who affects or can be affected by an organisation's actions

Supported Housing
Housing which has additional support services with it for the residents.

Transferring Properties
If you are currently a tenant and wish to transfer to another of our properties we have an internal transfer list.

Void Costs
These are the costs associated with an empty property and can include the cost of repairs to that property or the rent loss from that property whilst it is empty.


Board members

  • Steve Secker ( Chair of Board)
  • Mike Newbury
  • Mike Wills
  • Pat Southgate
  • Alison Rusdale
  • Paul Fidderman
  • Carol McTaggart
  • Steve Waddington


MD Julia Histon - Managing Director
OD Kate Spencer Operations Director

A-Z Miscellaneous


AGM Annual General Meeting
ASB Anti Social Behaviour
AST Assured Shorthold Tenancy
CoYC City of York Council
CLG Communities and Local Government Department
CRB Criminal Records Bureau (now DBS Disclosure & Barring Service)
CSS Customer Service Standards

DBS Disclosure & Barring Service
E&D Equality & Diversity
EHRC Equality and Human rights Commission
EOP Equal Opportunities Policy
ERoYC East Riding of Yorkshire Council

H&S Health & Safety
HA Housing Association
HB Housing Benefit
HCA Homes and Communities Agency

IMR Intermediate Market Rent
KLOE Key Lines of Enquiry
LA Local Authority

LCC Leeds City Council
NHF National Housing Federation
NYCC North Yorkshire County Council
OD Operations Director
PCT Primary Care Trust
PSL Private Sector Leasing
QAF Quality Assessment Framework
RD Resource Director
RDC Ryedale District Council
RFSS Ryedale Flexible Support Scheme
RHA Ryedale Housing Association
RP Registered Provider
SBC Scarborough Borough Council
SHG Social Housing Grant
SP Supporting People
SPPF Supporting People Providers Forum
YHA York Housing Association

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