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Rents and Service Charges

Some tenants paying their rent may wonder where the money actually goes.  Your rent covers various costs we have to meet, including keeping properties in good repair, providing services and building new homes.  We also have to put money aside to pay for major repairs such as window replacement or new roofs.

Net Rent

This is the money you pay to live in your home.

Service Charges

In many cases we provide services to your home which is not included in your net rent. Services could be estate lighting, gardening, television aerials and the cost is added to your weekly net rent. 

Payment methods

There are different ways in which you can pay your rent.  Some tenants may wish to come into the office to pay by cash, but here are a few other methods:

  • Swipe card issued with an unique identification number for each tenant and can be used at Pay Point stores or PayZone, post offices, or using your card, along with your debit card via the telephone by dialling 0870 770 0472
  • Direct Debit by completing a form. You need to have a current bank or building society account so we can take your rent directly from your account, and we will set this up for you. Whenever your rent is increased we will do this automatically for you.

  • Standing Order by completing a form but you will have to pass this onto your bank or building society as we are not able to instruct your bank. Whenever your rent is increased you will have to notify your bank. If you have online banking please contact us for the necessary details so you can set it up.

  • Housing Benefit payments can be made directly to us so you do not have to worry about paying your rent - please see link for further housing benefit information.

Please contact your Housing Officer regarding any of the above.

Rent statements

Rent statements are sent out four times a year.  If you would like additional statements please contact your housing officer.  For guidance on understanding your rent statement please click on the link.  Your Housing Officer can also help you if you have any queries.

Rent arrears

If at any time you find that you are struggling to pay your rent, you should contact your Housing Officer immediately so we can help you.  We can work out a payment plan if you cannot pay your arrears in full.  The last thing we want to do is to evict anyone from their home.  If necessary we can refer you to one of our flexible support worker, or another support service, who can help sort out your financial problems.  If you have other debts our support workers can help you or put you in touch with difference agencies, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.  The worse thing for anyone would be to face a Court Order which would involve additional costs as well as the rent arrears.


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