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We have a Customer Panel that is made up of tenants who give up a day of their time twice a year to meet with staff and discuss particular topics.  One meeting is normally held at our office at Monks Cross and for the other one we try to find an interesting venue, for example Castle Howard, Bishopthorpe Palace.  The aim of the Customer Panel is for tenants to express their views and opinions on a variety of subjects which could include anti-social behaviour, repairs, parking, keeping pets and looking at ways to increase tenant involvement.  The panel also has the opportunity to influence decisions that affect all tenants.  To date this has included parking policies on certain schemes, methods of rent payment, how we deal with anti-social behaviour, allocating properties and gardening. 

We try to keep the day lively and interesting and can always guarantee a good lunch, refreshment breaks and transport to and from the venue.  And if that isn't tempting enough we also pay £15 to each person attending.

We aim to get a balance so that tenants from each type of housing are well represented and allocate places for people living in the following types of housing:

General Needs Housing
Student Housing
Supported Housing
Sheltered Housing

We also make sure that our tenants from BME communities and those with disabilities are represented.

The current vacancies are currently available:

Four tenants who live in General Needs Housing
One tenant who lives in Supported Housing

If you are interested in becoming a Customer Panel member, would like to find out more about the work of the Customer Panel or be added to the waiting list to join the panel please contact Kate Spencer our Operations Director on 01904 636061.



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