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We have a Customer Panel that meets 3 times each year where customers can formally share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics that affect all YHA customers such as our Customer Service Standards or our policies for complaints or dealing with Anti Social Behaviour. 

The meetings are usually held at our offices at Alpha Court and we will arrange transport to help you to attend.  We have a range of people coming along to Customer Panel and this helps us to get a widespread view of what is important to people.

If you dont want to commit to something as regular or formal as Customer Panel we have a whole range of ways in which you can become involved in shaping the services that YHA deliver.  Some of these things you can take part in close to your home such as assisting Housing Officers with Estate Inspections by becoming an Estate Champion.  Others are one-off opportuniities to share your views on speicfic topics such as our Equality and Diversity Policy.

If you would like to find our more, please ask your Support Worker.

Welcome to York Housing Association

Our Mission is to be an excellent landlord, providing high quality housing and support services, making a positive contribution in the communities with which we work.

Strategic Business Aims

1. Homes: Providing as many good quality homes as we can.

2. Customers: Providing excellent customer experience to all current and future customers.

3. Place: Building successful amd sustainable communities.

Value for Money

In order to achieve the mission and vision as much value as possible must be produced for the money and resources available to the Association and the Association's objectives must be delivered in the most cost-effective way possible.

To view our Value for Money Statement 2017 please click here.
To view our Value for Money Strategy please click here.

Equality and Diversity

We are committed to promoting Equality and Diversity in all our services and to give equality of opportunity to our diverse customer and employee group.

We aim to end discrimination and promote equal opportunities for everyone, and positively value diversity within the organisation.

To view our Equality and Diversity Policy Statement and Strategy please click here.

The Rainbow Tick

We hold the silver award from the Barnsley LGBT forum. The award shows our commitment to inclusive practice for LGBT communities.

Environmental Issues

Our Environmental Policy contains our vision and identifies the following main Strategy areas

  • Staff Awareness - keeping environmental issues "live" through seminars, newsletters, meetings of the Environment Group
  • Green housekeeping - the way we run our office operation - transport, waste, energy, recycling, purchasing
  • Tenant Awareness - particularly relating to energy use and costs - through events, newsletter,
  • Existing Housing - green refurbishment and retrofit to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • New Housing - sustainable construction to meet or exceed standards of the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Provision of Services.

To view our Sustainability Strategy please click here.


To find out more about the Association's history please click here

York Housing Association (YHA) is responsible for the allocation of accommodation to over 650 rented properties. The majority of these general needs properties are based in the York area, whilst outside of the York area there are also properties in Rothwell, Leeds (82 units); Beverley, East Yorkshire; Whitby and Norton.

There are several ways that we allocate our properties:

  • From applicants nominated to us by the local authority partners that we work with (usually as a result of a person bidding through a Choice Based Lettings scheme).
  • From applicants referred by other agencies for supported or student housing.
  • To existing YHA tenants who would like to transfer to another property.
  • To applicants who want to move towards ownership of a new property (but first need to rent whilst they save for a deposit) and who are nominated by the North Yorkshire HomeBuy agent my4walls (www.my4walls.co.uk )

Rented Housing

The majority of our housing is allocated through two Choice Based Lettings schemes which run in North Yorkshire  (www.northyorkshirehomechoice.org.uk) and Leeds (http://www.leedshomes.org.uk).

Choice Based Lettings schemes have been in operation in Leeds for over a decade and in York since July 2011. Applicants for social housing register their details, and once accepted onto the scheme, are able to place bids (either online or by telephone) for vacant properties which are advertised on a website.

Once the winning bidder is determined, the household are nominated to YHA by the local authority. Because we do not maintain our own waiting list, then for more details on how to register on one of these Choice Based Lettings schemes, please follow the website links above.  In Beverley, East Yorkshire we let our homes to people nominated by the local authority.

We also provide supported housing for people with special needs, such as homeless households, people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, single vulnerable women, housing for younger people and extra care housing for elderly people who need care and support to live independently.  These properties are located in York and Scarborough. These properties are allocated to us through referrals or nominations direct from the local authority or other statutory health partners (and these properties are not therefore advertised through North Yorkshire HomeChoice choice based lettings scheme). For more information on how to be referred or nominated to any of the above supported housing schemes please contact a member of the support team on 01904 636061.

For a copy of our Allocations Policy please click here.

Agency Housing

We also work with a number of local and national voluntary organisations and agencies who provide 24 hour care supported housing for people with disabilities who are not able to live independently.  The majority of the properties are in York, but we have some in the East Riding, Scarborough, Malton and Ripon.  If you would like more information about these properties please contact us on 01904 636061 and we can provide you with the contact details of the relevant agencies.

Student Housing       

We have family accomondation for full time registered mature students at the University of York, and these are located in Heslington, York. Applications for this housing are made direct through the University of York Accommodation Service. (http://www.york.ac.uk/about/departments/support-and-admin/accommodation

Shared Housing        

We have a limited number of rooms in shared houses where the tenants make use of shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. These properties are not advertised on North Yorkshire HomeChoice and we maintain a waiting list of people interested in these vacancies. If you are interested in shared housing then please contact us on 01904 636061 or you can download an application form here.

Homeownership Options

Since 2011 the Association has been working with the North Yorkshire home buy agent my4walls (www.my4walls.co.uk) to provide properties which are available to households looking to make the first step on the home ownership ladder through shared ownership and other affordable home ownership options. If you are interested in other home ownership options in North Yorkshire and York then please contact our sales team or visit the my4walls website.

Moving to another home

Transferring Properties

We have an internal transfer list for current tenants wishing to move to another of our properties.  You would need to complete an internal application form, together with any supporting documents, for example a letter from your doctor supporting a move.  For further information please contact your Housing Officer. 

Mutual Exchanges

Another way to move homes is to do a mutual exchange, with either another housing association tenant, or a tenant of a local authority. This is effectively a tenancy swap and to help our existing tenants we have paid for you to advertise your swap on a national website (www.homeswapper.co.uk). Simply go to this website, enter your details, and once verified with us, your property will be advertised and you can search for other swaps. Remember that you cannot do a mutual exchange until this has been formally approved by York Housing Association.

In addition your local council offices sometimes have a noticeboard advertising people who are looking to do an exchange. 

Who to contact?

If you are in housing need and wish to apply for single, family or sheltered housing with York Housing Association then you will need to first register with the local Choice Based Lettings Scheme or with your local authority in Beverley.

For York and North Yorkshire please go to:


For Rothwell, Leeds please go to:


For student accommodation please contact our Housing Management team on 01904 636061 or the University of York website.

For any of our supported housing including information on how to access please contact the Supported Housing team on 01904 6360061.


Situated approximately 6 miles from SELBY these 2 bedroom town houses, on the edge of the village of Carlton, are available on Shared Ownership to people who can demonstrate a Local Connection to the local area and the wider Selby District.

The minimum share of 35% of the full market value can be purchased for £45,500, up to a maximum share of 75%.

Please contact Kath Graves on 01904 540168, or email kath.graves@yorkha.org.uk


Help to Buy

To see a video clip promoting Shared Ownership please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbssZ_ohdlk

or download our leaflet Shared Ownership Could Be Right For You


**McHugh Court Student Accomodation, YO10 5ET

We currently have self-contained student houses and bungalows available to let from 18th September for the 2018/19 academic year. 

One Bedroom unfurnished bungalows, £6,510 for 51 weeks. payable in three equal instalments at the start of each term.

Two bedroom dormer bungalows, furnished or unfurnished, £7,932 or £7,056 for 51 weeks, payable in three equal instalments at the start of each term.


If you are interested, please contact the University of York Accomodation Office on 01904 322165 in the first instance, so that they can verify your student status.






So what might make you want to work for us?  At York Housing Association we have a number of attractive benefits that we offer to staff, a summary of which is listed below.

Salary Progression

Each April, our salaries have a cost of living review.  On top of this, all posts have incremental salary bands whereby staff receive increments in April of each year up to the top of their band.

Social Housing Pension Scheme

From day one of your employment with the Association, you can join up to our Pension Scheme.  We are members of the Social Housing Pension Scheme and offer a Career Average Related Earnings (CARE) pension.  Staff members pay a percentage of their salary into the scheme.  The scheme provides its members with life assurance.

Annual Leave

We have a generous annual leave entitlement, starting at 27 days per year (pro rata for part time staff).  After three calendar years service, staff are entitled to an additional day each year up to a maximum of 30 days per year (again, pro rata for part time staff).

Bank Holidays are also given with pay and our offices close between the Christmas and New Year period, allowing most posts to take this time off using annual leave.

Company Sick Pay and support when ill

We have an occupational sick pay scheme whereby benefits increase with length of service.  We also offer staff support when they are off sick and carry out Return to Work interviews to allow us to identify if there is anything we can do to prevent recurrence of illness.

Flexible Working

We offer staff the opportunity to apply for flexible working. 

Also, most posts are eligible for our flexi time system with the ability to work more flexible hours and to take a maximum of one flexi day per month.  Being a very customer focussed organisation does mean that this is subject to the team being covered to ensure our customer's needs are still met.

Enhanced Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave

Our maternity, paternity and adoption leave packages are all enhanced above the statutory minimum.

Employee Assistance Programme

All employees and members of their household are entitled to use the Employee Assistance Programme which is paid for by us.  This a service which offers you expert advice, invaluable information, specialist counselling and support.

Career Development & Training

Every year, staff who have completed their probationary period can apply for funds from our Career Development budget.  This is on top of training which is identified as necessary for you to be able to carry out your job.


We provide a variety of refreshments, such as tea, coffee, water and drinking chocolate for our staff to refresh themselves through the day.

Childcare Vouchers

Any member of staff with children can choose to purchase child care vouchers which are non taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions.  This means you can make substantial savings on childcare costs.  Our childcare voucher provider is Busy Bees.


For some posts we will help new members of staff with relocation expenses where you may need to move house to take up your new job.

Car Parking

We provide free parking to staff who are essential car users or staff who as casual users need to use their car for work from time to time.  

Some tenants paying their rent may wonder where the money actually goes.  Your rent covers various costs we have to meet, including keeping properties in good repair, providing services and building new homes.  We also have to put money aside to pay for major repairs such as window replacement or new roofs.

Net Rent

This is the money you pay to live in your home.

Service Charges

In many cases we provide services to your home which is not included in your net rent. Services could be estate lighting, gardening, television aerials and the cost is added to your weekly net rent. 

Payment methods

There are different ways in which you can pay your rent.  Some tenants may wish to come into the office to pay by cash, but here are a few other methods:

  • Swipe card issued with an unique identification number for each tenant and can be used at Pay Point stores or PayZone, post offices, or using your card, along with your debit card via the telephone by dialling 0870 770 0472
  • Direct Debit by completing a form. You need to have a current bank or building society account so we can take your rent directly from your account, and we will set this up for you. Whenever your rent is increased we will do this automatically for you.

  • Standing Order by completing a form but you will have to pass this onto your bank or building society as we are not able to instruct your bank. Whenever your rent is increased you will have to notify your bank. If you have online banking please contact us for the necessary details so you can set it up.

  • Housing Benefit payments can be made directly to us so you do not have to worry about paying your rent - please see link for further housing benefit information.

Please contact your Housing Officer regarding any of the above.

Rent statements

Rent statements are sent out four times a year.  If you would like additional statements please contact your housing officer.  For guidance on understanding your rent statement please click on the link.  Your Housing Officer can also help you if you have any queries.

Rent arrears

If at any time you find that you are struggling to pay your rent, you should contact your Housing Officer immediately so we can help you.  We can work out a payment plan if you cannot pay your arrears in full.  The last thing we want to do is to evict anyone from their home.  If necessary we can refer you to one of our flexible support worker, or another support service, who can help sort out your financial problems.  If you have other debts our support workers can help you or put you in touch with difference agencies, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.  The worse thing for anyone would be to face a Court Order which would involve additional costs as well as the rent arrears.


We have a range of supported housing options for customers with long term mental health issues.  A Housing Support Worker provides regular support and draws up a support plan with the customer.  We base this on individual need and review it regularly.  Our aim is to increase independent living skills such as working with the customers to maintain their tenancies, budgeting, claiming benefits, emotional support, accessing other agencies, and  involvement in the community.  

Bismarck Street is a seven bed roomed fully furnished shared house in a quiet residential road and which has communal areas and garden close to the centre of town

Acomb Rd comprises of six self contained unfurnished flats with a communal lounge and large shared garden on a good bus route and close to York city.

Marygate Lane comprises of five self contained unfurnished flats with a communal lounge in a converted property close to the centre of town


If you have been assessed by a professional from the Community Mental Health Team as having long term mental ill health and live within the City of York Boundaries you would be eligible to apply for our supported housing.

How to apply

In most circumstances referrals are made direct to Mental Health Accommodation Officer (MHAO) based at 22 The Avenue. The MHAO will interview the applicant to see whether they fit the criteria and which option for accommodation would be best.  The referral will then be submitted to the Mental Health Accommodation Panel, who will consider the application and make a recommendation.

Contact the MHAO on 01904 553150 to make a referral

Contact us on 01904 636061 for more information or an application form. 

We wouldn't like to think that a tenant is experiencing anti-social behaviour which can cause annoyance and misery to them. 

We need you to let us know if you are having any problems either to yourself or on the estate where you live. 

We take anti-social behaviour very seriously and will always give nuisance tenants the opportunity to improve or rectify their behaviour. 

If they don't work with us there is a risk that they will loose their home by taking the case to the County Court.  To view our leaflet; Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour or our strategy ASB, Hate Crime and Harassment Strategy, please click on the links and for further advice please contact your Housing Officer.

Our mission is to be an excellent landlord, providing high quality housing and support services, making a positive contribution in the communities with which we work.

Auden House provides a home for people over 55 who need a bit of help to remain living independently.  It means that people don't have to take the huge leap from living independently in their own homes to moving to a nursing home when they start to become frail.  Auden House offers a good compromise, it allows residents to move into the comfort of their own self contained apartment whilst providing them with a whole range of facilities right on their doorstep.  York Housing Association provides the building and all the services that go with it, plus we employ housing support staff to provide support Monday to Friday to enable people to maintain their tenancies whilst more specialist care agencies provide personal care up to seven days a week.  We work closely with City of York Council and Riccall Carers to ensure that everyone living at Auden Hosue lives in a safe, comfortable environment where they receive care and support tailored to their needs.  Some residents choose to employ their own care provider and this is perfectly acceptable.

Not only is Auden House home for the 41 households who live there, it is also intended to be of benefit to the local community and passing public.  That is why we have onsite a meeting room, hairdressers and cafe.  We encourage the public to visit us so that they can help us ensure that Auden House is a lively building where people can meet up in lovely surroundings.


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

What is Auden House?

Auden House consists of 41 apartments for rent and communal facilities for people over 55 who need care and support in order to live independently.  Please see our Welcome Brochure.

What do the apartments consist of?

Each apartment has two bedrooms, an open plan kitchen/living area and a fully accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower.  Floor coverings to kitchen and bathrooms are provided, but you will need to make your own arrangements for the flooring in the hall, lounge and bedrooms, as well as curtains.  Apartments are unfurnished, so you can bring your furniture with you, have familiar things around you and make your apartment your own.

How much is the rent?

The total rent per week for a single person is £238.17. If there is an additional person living in the apartment, the rent increases as there is an addtional cost for the food for that person (£253.67).  Some flats have kitchens specifically planned  for wheelchair users and in these apartments we provide an electric cooker, an electric hob and a fridge freezer. There is an additional charge for these appliances;this cost is small (£4.81).

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes the following services:

  • Heating to each apartment
  • Water charges
  • Laundry facilities - see below for details
  • Assisted bathing facilities
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance of the lift, fire alarms, CCTV and door entry system
  • Warden call system- if a resident is faced with an issue we can instantly provide help. Each resident has warden control cords in their bedroom and some have pendants with a button to press in case of emergency.
  • Housing support - to ensure all tenants living at Auden House live as independently as possible.
  • Residents lounge with the TV and other items (such as games) for the use of residents
  • A three course meal, seven days a week served in the restaurant.

It is a condition of the tenancy that all residents must contribute to the running of this lovely building and therefore the costs cannot be reduced if you choose not to use any of the above facilities.

Can I get any help with paying my rent?

If you are on Housing Benefit at the moment then it is likely that you will continue to get help. If you are on full Housing Benefit you would have to make a contribution to cover things that Housing Benefit does not cover such as heating, water and the cost of your daily meal.  The amount that Housing Benefit would expect you to pay is £33.60 per week for single occupancy and £49.10 for double occupancy.

You may find that this does not work out expensive when you add together what you would normally pay for your heating, water and a substantial meal each day.

If you are not on Housing Benefit at the moment or are not sure whether you are entitled to any help with your rent, we can advise you.

What else will I have to pay?

You will be responsible for paying your own Council Tax and you will have to pay for any electricity you use for running your normal household appliances. You may also have other household costs such as a TV licence, any subscription to digital TV companies, such as Sky and for a telephone if you wish to have one.

You will also need to pay for any food you may want in addition to your midday meal. You would shop as normal for this or there is the opportunity to buy a breakfast in the restaurant if you wish. The caterers can also organise for you to purchase basic household provisions from them and there is also the internet cafe where you could choose to get help to shop online.

What happens if I don't want to be home at lunchtime?

If you let the caterers know in advance then they can provide you with a cold meal (such as a sandwich or salad) that you could have when you come home.

Can anyone else live with me?

When you are allocated an apartment, this will have been based on your accommodation, care and support needs. If someone else was on your application form for housing then we will know about them and they can move in with you. We normally prefer to give joint tenancies when two people move in together. You cannot subsequently allow someone to move into your apartment without first discussing this with us. We would normally grant anyone else permission to move in with you. The flats are only intended for up to two people.

What type of heating is there?

The heating is energy-efficient underfloor heating run by an air-source heat pump. Although there is one system for the whole building, there are controls within your apartment to allow you to set the temperature to suit your needs.

Can I have a gas or electric cooker?

There is only electicity in the building so you would need to bring your own electric cooker or purchase one. If you have been allocated an apartment with a kitchen that is adapted for wheelchair use then a cooker and hob are provided.

Can I have my own washing machine?

There is a space in the kitchen where you could choose to put a washing machine if you wish. There is also a laundry on the ground floor for use of residents and there is no extra charge for using the washers or driers, the only thing you would need to provide is washing powder. There are also irons and ironing boards in the laundry for you or your carer to use.

Where can I store my electric scooter or bicycle?

There is a store just inside the entrance on the ground floor. Scooters can be charged and stored there along with bicycles however places are limited.

Can I have a pet?

The building is not sutiable for cats and dogs,although guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed. Residents can bring small pets with them, such as birds or fish.

Are there any staff on site?

York Housing Association employs a manager who will usually be on site Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. There will also be housing support staff on site during the day, Monday to Friday.  Your Housing Officer will hold drop-in surgeries on site and we will let all residents know the times of these.  You can also request that your Housing Officer visits you in your apartment outside the surgery times. There will be catering staff and cleaning staff in the building during the daytime seven days a week.

Can my family make use of the facilities on site?

We would enourage your family and friends to use the hairdressers, Mwah for hair; the Terrace Cafe and Internet Cafe. If you would like to book lunch for family or friends the caterers will let you know how far in advance you would need to let them know.

We would ask that family and friends either visit you in your flat or make use of the public lounge/Terrace Cafe and bistro. For the comfort of all residents the lounge next to the laundry is available for the use of residents only.

Who is the guest room for?

There are two lovely guest rooms avilable for you to book for family or friend who are visiting you. One has a single bed and an ensuite bathroom and the other has two single beds and an ensuite bathroom. There is a charge per night which is payable on arrival. Please ask our staff for details of the room rates.  Guests can choose to stay on a room-only basis or with a breakfast included.

Can I have guests to stay in my own apartment?

You are welcome to have guests to stay for temporary periods in your own apartment.

This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

Auden House

Auden House consists of 41 apartments and communal facilities for people over 55 who need care or support in order to live independently.  There are some communal facilities that are just available to people living at Auden House, such as a resident's lounge and a laundry. Other facilities, such as the internet café and hairdressers are open to the public as well as residents.

Margaret Philipson Court

The scheme is in York city centre in a quiet street with a view of the City Walls.  There are 32 flats in all with 20 provided as sheltered accommodation for people aged 55 or over.  There is a modern communal lounge  and kitchen as well as a laundry room.  All the sheltered flats have a ‘warden call' system which gives 24 hour cover 7 days a week and can be accessed via pull-cords and/or pendants which some tenants wear.  There is a  Support Worker based at Auden House who can help you with things like setting up a tenancy, benefits claims, accessing other services, emotional support, and any other issues that may arise.  The overall aim is to support our tenants to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Lichfield Court

This scheme is situated near York racecourse on a quiet cul-de-sac and is made up of 12 self-contained flats.  There are shops and a doctor's surgery nearby as well as a bus service to the city centre.  


This scheme is situated just within the Walmgate Bar entrance to the walled city and has an attractive setting with trees and flower beds. There are 37 flats for single people and couples with one or two bedrooms. This attractive scheme won an award for its design when it was built in the 1980s. There is a community centre with lounge and a well equipped kitchen with laundry facilities for tenants. The conservatory is a popular meeting place for anyone wanting a chat. The Support Worker will visit regularly to support tenants with every day life such as maximising incomes, accessing health and care services, feeling safe and secure and being part of the community.

What our customers have to say

Our tenants tell us they like the security of having a Support Worker to help them maintain independence. The flats are comfortable and the alarm system gives that extra peace of mind. The community centres provide some organised activities such as coffee mornings some run by York Housing Association but most run by the tenants themselves.

Eligibility for York sheltered schemes

Anyone over the age of 55 with support needs such as health issues and needing to feel safe and secure. Some schemes are linked to an emergency call centre to raise an alarm should the need arise.

How to apply

Auden House applications are co-ordinated by City of York Council Housing Options Team.  The other schemes are allocated through North Yorkshire Choice Based Lettings.

In this section you will find our A-Z of all services.

York Housing Association provides a range of housing and support services to approximately 1000 households in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding.

We have a mixture of general needs accommodation for single people, couples and families, sheltered housing for the elderly and supported housing for people who are vulnerable, have mental ill health or learning disabilities and student accommodation.  We provide supported accommodation for people who require more intensive support and these properties are managed on our behalf by a range of other agencies.





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York Housing Association believes that good governance is critical to the success of the organisation. We therefore have a comprehensive governance framework which includes clear roles for Board members, Board Committees and recruitment procedures.

We have an active Board of up to 12 members, although we currently aim to operate with around 10 members. This allows capacity for us to co-opt people with specific skills as and when required.  We do not remunerate Board Members at York Housing Association so they give up their time voluntarily.

The Board meet at least six times a year to focus on both the current performance of York Housing Association and also its strategic direction as an organisation. Board members have been recruited because of their successful experience and skills in either the housing sector or other parts of the public and private sectors. All Board members go through a full selection process, after which they undertake a period of observation of Board meetings before they become full members.

The Board reviews its effectiveness annually and considers whether there are any skill gaps which need filling, against a matrix that covers the skills and experience we believe are necessary to effectively govern the Association. Board membership is open to anyone, and we particularly encourage applicants from under-represented groups in order to ensure the Board remains diverse in its make up. Any vacancies will always be advertised on this website and elsewhere.

We will provide training and support to make sure Board membership is a positive experience for you. If you are interested in becoming a Board member please contact our Chief Executive on 01904 636061


This type of support is not attached to a tenancy. It is called floating support because it can be provided to you in your home or in a place that is convenient for you. The support can last for as little as three months and for as long as two years.


The Women's Housing Project provides medium term supported accommodation for single women who have experienced domestic abuse. It should be noted that it is not a refuge.  The project, based in the city centre, consists of 6 one bedroom self contained flats.  Each has its own kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.  A cooker, fridge freezer, carpets and curtains are provided. One of the flats is fully wheelchair accessible.

The project is staffed by a Housing Support Worker who will provide each tenant with two hours personal support each week. Our aim is to increase independent living skills such as budgeting, debt management, claiming benefits, emotional support and accessing other agencies.

Tenancies are for a minimum of six months and can last for up to two years. Support Plans focus on achieving outcomes, with special emphasis on longer term housing.


Referrals from the Independent Domestic Abuse (IDAS) team will be considered as a priority for single women who have experienced domestic violence. Other agencies may make referrals for vulnerable women who would benefit from a supported environment.

The accommodation is not suitable for children.

How to apply

Through IDAS Outreach Service or other suitable agencies. 

Contact us on 01904 636061 for more information or an application form.

Pasture View Road, Rothwell

This scheme is part of a larger scheme owned by York Housing Association. The sheltered scheme comprises 33 bungalows, first floor and ground floor flats. The scheme has well maintained pretty grounds and some tenants have small garden areas. Some properties have views of the nearby pastures and there are pleasant walks nearby.

This scheme has a large community centre with sitting rooms and kitchen with laundry machines.

An active tenants group arranges regular social events including trips out, shared meals, bingo evenings, talks, non-denominational church services and weekly coffee mornings.


This scheme is for people over 55 years of age with support needs such as health issues or the need for regular contact with our Support Worker to feel safe and secure at home and maintain independence.

How to apply

Through Leeds City Council application form.


Pat - has lived at Auden House for four years and is very happy.  "We're all friends together - its like being one big family" she says.  "The staff are brilliant, there is a lovely atmosphere here".

What do other residents say...

"Great carers, good variety of food and friendly house staff".

"It's like living amongst a family, everybody is so friendly".

"Great community vibe!"

"Auden House has a great atmosphere, happy residents and brilliant staff. It's a popular place to live and will carry on having a high demand for a place here in years to come".


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

On some schemes we are responsible for all grounds maintenance, but in the case of tenants having their own gardens, they are responsible for keeping this in a clean and tidy condition.

If anyone is having problems in doing their own gardening we can put them in touch with some agencies that would do this for a small fee. We would also ask that any unwanted items, such as fridges, sofas etc are not left out in the garden or on the estate, but are disposed of correctly. Most councils will take away large items for a fee, and you need to contact your local authority. If you are not in a position to do this, please contact your Housing Officer, who will be happy to give you more advice.

We recognise and value the important role our contractors play in helping us to provide an excellent repairs service to our tenants.

Teamwork is the key word in our relationship with contractors and we take seriously our responsibility to support you to play your part. As a contractor working for York Housing Association you can expect:

  • clear information and instructions
  • polite, courteous and professional staff
  • open channels of communication and quick responses to issues or queries
  • regular newsletters keeping you up to date with what's going on at the Association
  • feedback on your performance
  • the chance to have formal and informal meetings with our maintenance staff
  • invoices processed and paid within agreed terms

In return we ask that you:

  • Ensure that your staff are presentable and wear ID badges.
  • Ensure that your staff behave in a professional and non discriminatory manner at all times.
  • Keep appointments and carry out work within agreed timescales.
  • Report back when a job is more complex than we expected.
  • Have in place an Equality and Diversity Policy that we accept and that staff adhere to this at all times (please note we are happy to support smaller organisations who do not have a policy by asking them to adopt ours and undergo relevant training which we will provide free of charge).
  • Complete all paperwork that we provide.
  • Submit all invoices in a timely manner.
  • Work in a safe manner in compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

We are currently looking for skilled and reliable maintenance contractors in the following trades:

  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • heating Engineers
  • joiners
  • general Builders
  • flooring contractors
  • painters
  • roofers
  • gardening contractors

Please contact our Maintenance Officer,  on 01904 636061 or by email info@yorkha.org.uk  for an informal discussion or further information.


In this section you will find all the information you need regarding your tenancy.  If you require any further help please contact your Housing Officer.

Fire Safety In Your Home

Home Safety Leaflet

Customer Service Standards

Moving Home Leaflet

Maintaining Your Garden Leaflet

Tenant Satisfaction Survey the results are in!

Thank you to all of our tenants who took the time to fill in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey questionnaire at the end of 2015.  We are really pleased with the results because they show that overall tenants are happy with YHA as their landlord.  However, there is always room for improvement and we are doing some further work to address the areas where tenants felt less satisfied with our services - more detail on this will be provided in the next Tenant Newsletter.  The table below shows the headline figures from the survey and you can follow the link to the full report.


Overall satisfaction with YHA as landlord


Satisfaction with quality of home


Satisfaction with the repairs service



Tenant Satisfaction Survey


How to apply

All jobs are advertised under the Current Vacancies section and full details of the job pack are available for download under this section also. All applicants must apply using our application form. Where more than one post is being applied for, the relevant form for each job will require a separate application form. Please note that we do not accept CV's in place of an application form and we do not keep CV's on file.

All adverts are given a closing date and time, we do not accept any applications received after the closing date.

All job packs have Guidance Notes on how to complete the application form, giving tips on the best way to do this. For an example of this document please click hereDownload.

You can request an application pack in a number of ways:

By Post

York Housing Association
2 Alpha Court
Monks Cross Drive

By Telephone: 01904 636061

By Fax: 01904 612623

By Email: info@yorkha.org.uk

What happens after the Closing Date?

People often wonder what the process is following their submission of an application form. The time when everything goes quiet!! The following information will help you to understand the process.

On the Closing Date

Once 12 noon arrives on the closing date, all applications are opened and separated from the Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form and where relevant, the Criminal Record Form.


Prior to going to advert, the interview panel sets a time table for Shortlisting which is usually within one week of the closing date. Each member of the interview panel will receive a copy of all the application forms which they go through to identify where applicants meet the requirements of the Person Specification. From this they will select who will be invited for interview.

Invite to Interview

All successful applicants from the shortlisting process will be invited to interview. This is normally done in writing but where the interviews are very close to the shortlisting date, this can be done by telephone and followed up in writing. The date for interview is included in the application pack so potential applicants are aware when these will be held.

The letter will state when, the time and where the interview will be held. For some posts, part of the interview process may require a skills test or presentation to be given. Where this is required, this will be made clear in the letter and we will give an idea of the overall time the interview will take.

Successful Applicants

Once the Interview Panel have selected the candidate they would like to offer the job to, they must have this approved by the team Director. At this stage the successful applicant will be contacted by phone, however the offer of the post is subject to successful references being received. If the candidate accepts the offer, we will then send for references. Once these have been returned and approved by the team Director, an official offer of the post will be made by telephone and confirmed in writing.

Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service Checks (formally CRB)

We use Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service Checks (DBS), formally called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to safeguard vulnerable adults and young people by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for work with these groups. For posts where this is the case, we ask the successful applicant to complete an Enhanced DBS once the post has been offered and accepted. This must be carried out before a start date can be agreed; however the applicant may take up the post prior to us receiving the result. Please note that we will not discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.

Unsuccessful Applicants

If you have not heard from us by the interview date which is stated in the job pack, then you have not been accepted for interview and we thank you for your interest in working at York Housing Association.

All applicants who are unsuccessful after interview will be informed of this by phone or in writing.

All applicants can contact us to request feedback on why they were not successful with their application.

We have a Customer Panel that is made up of tenants who give up a day of their time twice a year to meet with staff and discuss particular topics.  One meeting is normally held at our office at Monks Cross and for the other one we try to find an interesting venue, for example Castle Howard, Bishopthorpe Palace.  The aim of the Customer Panel is for tenants to express their views and opinions on a variety of subjects which could include anti-social behaviour, repairs, parking, keeping pets and looking at ways to increase tenant involvement.  The panel also has the opportunity to influence decisions that affect all tenants.  To date this has included parking policies on certain schemes, methods of rent payment, how we deal with anti-social behaviour, allocating properties and gardening. 

We try to keep the day lively and interesting and can always guarantee a good lunch, refreshment breaks and transport to and from the venue.  And if that isn't tempting enough we also pay £15 to each person attending.

We aim to get a balance so that tenants from each type of housing are well represented and allocate places for people living in the following types of housing:

General Needs Housing
Student Housing
Supported Housing
Sheltered Housing

We also make sure that our tenants from BME communities and those with disabilities are represented.

The current vacancies are currently available:

Four tenants who live in General Needs Housing
One tenant who lives in Supported Housing

If you are interested in becoming a Customer Panel member, would like to find out more about the work of the Customer Panel or be added to the waiting list to join the panel please contact Kate Spencer our Operations Director on 01904 636061.



Are you looking for:

Customer Panel Meeting Minutes

This type of support is provided as part of the tenancy. In some of the supported housing there is an on site office in which you can meet your support worker.  The support will be provided on a weekly basis and will last as long as you have a tenancy with us.


Auden House is a very active and fun place to live!

Monday: Bingo

Tuesday: Coffee and more - including guest speaker, entertainment, specialist stalls, Beetle drives, fundraising events.

Wednesday: Exercise class (external tutor), knit and knatter.

Thursday: Quiz afternoon

Friday: Health walk, cards and board games.

Saturday: Film Club

Sunday: Coffee and conversation

This section provides information about how to apply to become a tenant of York Housing Association and our policy on allocating properties.

It also provides a variety of useful information for people who are already tenants, such as:

  • how to report repairs
  • how to pay your rent
  • how you can have your say and get involved in the running of YHA
  • frequently asked questions
  • our Tenant Handbook

Each new member of staff has an induction programme tailored to their needs.  Within the first week you will have been given a tour of the office and been introduced to all staff.

We will make sure that you have the necessary training to enable you to carry out your job.

You can expect regular meetings with your manager and ongoing informal support as needed.

You will meet regularly with the rest of your team for formal team meetings.

You will receive an annual appraisal which presents the opportunity for you to reflect on the last year and plan ahead.

You will be able to keep up to date with whats going on within the Association through staff newsletters, staff seminars, staff briefings and our intranet,

We will support and encourage you to get involved in pieces of work that we are carrying out to improve the service to our customers.  Your line manager will help you to identify particular skills and experience you have that would benefit any working groups. 

You will be encouraged to think creatively and come up with ideas and suggestions that could improve the service or the way we do things.

We aim to provide a high quality service to tenants, to customers who use our support service and to those applying for housing.

Your views are very important to us, and if you are not satisfied with any of our services that we provide, please let us know.

To send feedback via the website please click here.  To view further details on how to make a complaint please click on the link.

It's always best to have contents insurance as you never know what is round the corner! 

For example, you could have a leak from the roof, or water tank, which damages your carpets. 

If you have no insurance you would not be able to replace them, as our building insurance does not cover your personal belongings. 

We have a special home contents insurance scheme, which has been purpose designed for housing association tenants.  The insurance company keep the costs down as low as possible, and you can insurance your contents for as much as you want.  You can also pay weekly, monthly or annually.  For further details please visit http://www.thistlemyhome.co.uk/ or contact your Housing Officer.

We can provide information in other languages, Braille and Audio format on request, and where there is a need.

We can also provide translators and use Language Line for this.

For more information on how to access information in different languages and formats, or to request a translation please ask any member of our staff or telephone us on 01904 636061.

يسعدنا أن نوفر لعملائنا معلومات بلغات أخرى، إضافة إلى توفير المادة بطريقة برايل أو صوتيًا بناءًا على طلباتهم، ومتى رأينا أن هناك حاجة لذلك.

كما يسعدنا أن نوفر مترجمين، كما نستخدم شركة Language Line في المملكة المتحدة لذلك

لمزيد من المعلومات حول الحصول على خدمة الترجمة باللغات المختلفة وبالطرق المتعددة، أو لطلب ترجمة، من فضلك .. لا تتردد في الاستفسار عن طلبك عن طريق أي فرد من موظفينا أو الاتصال بنا هاتفيًا على الرقم 01904 636061

Jesteśmy w stanie zapewnić informacje w różnych wersjach językowych. Na zamówienie i w razie potrzeby istnieje możliwość dostosowania informacji do alfabetu Breille'a lub przygotowania formatu audio.

Jesteśmy również w stanie zapewnić tłumaczy poprzez firmę Language Line.

W celu uzyskania dalszych informacji na temat dostępu do informacji w różnych formatach językowych lub zamówienia tłumaczenia prosimy o kontakt z naszymi pracownikami. Możliwy jest także kontakt telefoniczny pod następującym numerem: 01904 636061.

رخواست پر اور جہاں ضرورت ہو ہم دیگر زبانوں، بریلے اور آڈیو فارمیٹ میں معلومات فراہم کرسکتے ہیں۔

 ہم مترجم بھی فراہم کرسکتے ہیں اور اس کے لیے لینگوئج لائن کا بھی استعمال کرسکتے ہیں۔

 مختلف زبانوں اور طریفوں میں معلومات تک رسائی کے لیے مزید معلومات کے لیے، یا ترجمے کی درخواست کے لیے، براہ کرم ہمارے عملے کے کسی فرد سے بات کریں یا ہمیں 636061 01904 پر ٹیلیفون کریں۔

The Terrace Internet Cafe, serving Costa Coffee, is open every day to residents, their relatives and friends and the general public.  There is plenty to choose from including freshly prepared sandwiches, paninis, home made soup, cakes and pastries.  There is also a pleasant outdoor terrace area.


Please see the meeting room special offers leaflet.

If you have a laptop you can enjoy free wi-fi access in the comfortable lounge area, or for a small fee you can use one of our machines in the internet area.  Staff will provide a code when you make a purchase from the cafe.

This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

We are looking to recruit a number of Estate Champions to work with us to address issues and improve services for all our residents.

Although we now spend much more of our time out and about on our schemes we cannot be there all the time and so don't always get to see things from a resident's perspective.

We want to improve our links with you and are looking for Estate Champions to be our eyes and ears on the ground reporting concerns, helping other residents report concerns, welcoming new residents to the scheme and monitoring estate service to ensure contractors are meeting their contractual obligations. As well as joining us on our monthly staff on site days where we do a thorough Estate Inspection.

In return we will offer appropriate training including Equality and Diversity, Health & Safety, Data Protection and IT Skills.

If you are interested or would like to nominate a neighbour please complete the Estate Champions form and return to us.

Our support services are here to help you set up a new home or manage your current one.   

We offer lots of support within areas such as:

  • claiming benefits that you are entitled
  • liaising with other agencies on your behalf
  • supporting you to find and gain employment
  • supporting you to access training and education
  • help with debt and arranging payment plans
  • help to find your first home or move to somewhere more suitable
  • help with life skills and preparing you for your first tenancy  

When you start to receive support from York Housing Association you will have:

  • a named support worker who will visit you in your own home or at another place within the community if you prefer
  • your own personal support plan that you can view at any time
  • choices around your support and the chance to feedback at any time

Click on the relevant support services to see in more details how we support people and what you can expect.


York Housing Association recognises the importance of effective partnership working to achieve its objectives.

We have a range of different forms of partnership working arrangements, and tailor them to meet specific situations. Some partnerships are informal, and based on agreed protocols between parties; others are more formal and details set out in written agreements.

Building in Partnership

What do we expect of our staff?


We expect our staff to be committed to providing an excellent service to our tenants, support customers and other stakeholders and to behave in a professional manner at all times.

Equality and Diversity

Staff are expected to treat everyone fairly and openly, whilst valuing and recognising the different contributions and needs of individuals.  Every member of staff is expected to be proactive in embedding equality and diversity in their daily practices. 


We want to make best use of the skills and experience of our staff.  There are many opportunities to get involved in all areas of the Association's work.  Staff are encouraged to put themselves forward and participate in projects that are of interest to them.


All members of staff are provided with an Identification Card  and are asked to produce this when visiting tenants or support customers.  We also supply name badges for staff to wear at external meetings and other public events.

Policies and Procedures

We expect staff to familiarise themselves with all of the policies and procedures that relate to their job and to ensure that these are followed at all times. 


Staff are asked not to smoke at any of our offices or other premises and to politely decline if they are offered to do so by tenants or support customers.

Health and Safety

We ask staff to be aware of their responsibilities in respect of following our health and safety policy and procedures and reporting any hazards that they become aware of.

We provide some support to our Sheltered Housing schemes. Each scheme has an on site office and you can see your Support Worker there or in your own home.  You can choose how you would like contact with your Support Worker and this can be through a daily or weekly contact call, a regular visit, requesting a visit when you have something you want to discuss or by calling into the social activities or drop in sessions.

We have sheltered schemes in York and Leeds.

Finding the cheapest deals on household bills

If you're wanting to compare the costs of different suppliers, and find out the cheapest, uSwitch.com is well worth knowing about. Their website offers free, and reputable, advice on the savings and cheapest deals you can get on a whole range of home utitlites and services, including gas, electricity, telephone and digital TV. Why not take a look, or ring their Customer Services on 0800 093 0607 (Freepone) or 0845 601 2856.

Gas Central Heating

If you are too warm, turn the heating down by 1C - this can cut up to 10% off your fuel bills. If you are going away for a few days then leave the thermostat on a low setting to provide protection from freezing without costing too much.

Hot water

Water shouldn't be heated to a scalding temperature. For most people, setting the cylinder thermostat at 60C (140F) is usually quite adequate for bathing and washing

A water meter could save you pounds!

How about saving more money by having a water meter installed. You could cut water bills in half, especially for small households with low water consumption. To weigh up the advantages of switching to metered water supplies you should look at the information on the back of your last water bill, or ring Yorkshire Water's helpline for advice on 0845 124 2424. But don't forget before having a meter installed you need our permission first.

When using the washing machine

Try to have full loads and use the lower temperature wash. With today's washing products you can do a wash as low as 30C or even 15C. This could save you up to three quarters of the cost of the hottest cycle.

Storm Warning - A repair to your roof

In very stormy weather there are times when it is not safe for a contractor to attempt outside repairs. If a leak occurs, put a bowl and towels underneath it. Use either cat litter, newspapers, sawdust etc to soak up the water and an opened up black bin liners as a waterproof sheet.

If water is coming in through an electrical fitting, turn off the relevant supply at the fuse box (but DON'T tamper with the fitting itself or any other switches). Report the problem to us so that an electrician can attend.

If you see loose tiles, hanging windows etc which could cause injury if they fell, please contact us to cordon off the area until repair work can be done.

In case of a fire

In the event of a fire in your home you should first call the Fire Brigade (telephone 999) and only attempt to put out the fire yourself if you think there is no risk to you or others. Take the safest escape route and close the door to the room where the fire has started and keep it shut. If you find yourself trapped, go into a room and shut the door. Put any cloth you may have to hand against the bottom of the door to keep out smoke. Call for help from the window.

To help prevent a fire

To help you prevent a fire starting, remember to unplug all electrical appliances when they are not in use. Avoid using long and frayed flexes, and don't overload electrical points. Close all downstairs doors before going to bed and ensure smoke alarms are in working order. Make sure all cigarettes, candles etc are safely stubbed out and keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. Remember, never leave pans of fat unattended.


This can be a real problem, especially around autumn and winter times. The most visible signs of condensation are streaming windows, damp walls and sometimes black mould. Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best ones. For example, open a window when cooking and use the extractor fan if you have one. Don't let rooms get too cold, constant low-level heating need be no more expensive than sudden burst of heat. Never use bottled gas or paraffin heaters as they can make condensation worse. Contact our repairs department if you are experiencing this problem for further advice.

What to do in a power cut

If your electric suddenly goes off first check to see that all the circuits in your home are affected, or a fuse has blown. If all the power has gone off ask a neighbour to see if it is a general power cut or only to your home.

Avoid opening a freezer during a power cut. Food inside should keep for at least 12 hours or more. Keep a stock of candles and holders and a torch handy. Remember, if you request an electrician and they find the fault lies with one of your appliances you will be recharged.

What is the Internet Cafe?

The Internet Cafe consists of five PC machines and one colour printer. It is available 7 days a week to members of the public. It is located right next to the Terrace Cafe and so is convenient if you want to do a bit of internet surfing whilst grabbing a bite to eat. It is a quiet studying environment or easily turned into a lovely place to meet for a social catch up.

How much will it cost me?

The Internet Cafe is good value for money. It currently stands at £1.50 per hour and 10p for each photocopy. 

How does Auden House use the Internet Cafe?

York Housing Association has a Digital Inclusion Worker based at Auden House who will support you with all your digital needs throughout the week.  This support is free of charge.

Auden House also works alongside Computer Start and on Thursday offers free computer lessons to residents and local people over retirement age.


Silver surfer Carmel is computer wizard!

Carmel has joined the ranks of the silver surfers by getting online.  From skyping to internet shopping, Carmel, 80, is learning the computer basics and is already enjoying the benefits of emailing to keep in touch with her friends and family at home and abroad.  She is one of several of our residents getting to grips with computer technology. 


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.


Tenant and Stakeholders communication information

Have your say form - Karbon Homes

We value our strong, positive working relationships with Board, staff, local authorities and other partners, stakeholders and contractors.  In this section you can find out more about being an employee of York Housing Association (including any current vacancies), Board membership, the partners we work with to provide housing and support services and how contractors can be included in our ‘Approved List'.

You may find yourself in a situation where you want to end your tenancy agreement with the Association. 

You will need to write a letter to your Housing Officer giving 4 weeks notice and commencing from a Monday, together with your new address.  Before you vacate your Housing Officer will make an appointment to visit you and to make notes about the condition of the property.  If you have any repairs or decorating that you have to do yourself to keep within the lettable standards that the Association has, it will be fully explained to you.  For any property left in a very good condition we will give tenants £20.

Don't forget to ring your Housing Officer if you are not sure about the procedure, or you have any questions to ask.

York Housing Association Map

Our main office is located at:

York Housing Association
2 Alpha Court
Monks Cross Drive
YO32 9WN

Tel 01904 636061

Email: info@yorkha.org.uk

(Please click this link to send email now).

If you have a contact name you can email them directly. Use the info@yorkha.org.uk email format replacing info with the persons name.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm

Out of office hours you may leave a message on our answering machine and we will return your call as soon as possible.

‘If you're a third party solicitor enquiring about our insurance policy details and Portal ID:

For EL and PL our insurer is Zurich Municipal, policy number JHA-22S375-0013 and the portal compensator ID C00108.'

For information on how to travel to our head office:

Public Transport from York City Centre

First Stop York Buses  No. 16, No. 17
The Monks Cross Park & Ride
No. 9
Circle Line 128

For timetable information ring 01904 883000 or the travel information line on 01904 551400.


The nearest long-stay car park is at the Park and Ride site. 

Auden House Extra Care Scheme

St Ann's Court
Cemetery Road
York  YO10 5FD
Tel:  01904 466056




York Homeless Prevention works to prevent homelessness by offering housing related support to individuals and families throughout the City of York.  We work with customers to retain their tenancies in private rented, social housing and even work with owner occupiers.

You may be struggling to pay your rent, bills, or mortgage or owe money and need to budget and negotiate with creditors. You may receive letters about your money or home, which you don't understand or neighbors  could be causing problems for you.

Support workers will help you with your accommodation problems, help you access benefits, look at any debt you may have and help you with this. Support workers will also look at what benefits you may be entitled to and talk to other agencies like your landlord on your behalf.


This scheme is for anyone over 18 living within the City of York boundary at risk of losing their home.

What Happens Next?

You can apply either by phoning our office on 01904 636061, or contacting the City of York Councils  Single Access Officer on 01904 553844

We will arrange to meet you to see how we are able to offer you help.

The service is confidential. We will only share information with agencies who require it, and with your agreement.

See York Homeless Prevention Leaflet

Polish York Homeless Prevention Leaflet



What to do if your home needs a repair

Some minor repairs are your responsibility and these are generally really easy and simple to do, please click here to watch some handy films that will help you.

We are committed to providing a high quality repair service which meets the needs and expectations of our tenants. You and York Housing Association share responsibility for looking after and maintaining your home. These responsibilities are set out in your Tenancy Agreement and Tenant Handbook. Please click the download button to view a copy of the Tenant Handbook.

The Association is not responsible for any damage caused by you, your family, or your guests whether accidental or deliberate.

Ways to Report a Repair

When reporting a repair this can be done in the following ways:

  • By ringing the Repairs Hotline on 0845 605 4050 during office hours. Outside office hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.
  • By ringing our office on 01904 636061 during office hours. Outside office hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.
  • By ringing the Emergency Repairs Hotline on 0845 601 5676 out of office hours. Please note that we can only deal with real emergencies outside office hours, more details of what we consider an emergency can be found below.
  • By using the repairs form on this website.
  • By writing to or calling in at our office.

Giving us information about your Repair

When reporting a repair it is very helpful if you can provide as much information as possible including exact details of the repair, contact numbers and when you will be at home.

When you call it may be useful to refer to the Handy Hints for Householders booklet which we issue to all tenants.

We will ask you:

What is the problem?

Where is it?

When did it start?

What is happening now?

How we deal with repairs

We have four response times for dealing with repairs depending on the urgency. They are as follows:

1. Emergency repairs are dealt with within 24 hours
2. Urgent repairs within 5 days
3. Essential repairs within 14 days
4. Routine repairs within 30 days

Please note that where a repair has been classed as routine we aim to carry these out as quickly as possible within the 30 day timescale.

Gaining Access to Your Home

We will arrange an appointment with you or arrange for a contractor to contact you direct, it is important that you allow access to your home for repairs to be carried out, if you need to cancel or change an appointment contact repairs staff as soon as possible, otherwise you may be charged for wasted visits. We will make arrangements to suit you but please note we are not able to provide a repairs service at weekends unless there is a genuine emergency.

If you are not satisfied with any repair service received

If you wish to make a complaint please see our Complaint to Make section.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is any repair that is an immediate risk to safety, security or health, or which may seriously damage a property. If you describe a repair as an emergency and it turns out to be routine then we will charge you for the cost of the call out.

The type of repair that we would not class as an emergency is if your heating goes wrong over the weekend. We would expect you to report this to us to be dealt with on the following Monday. There are occasionally exceptions to this, for instance an elderly person without heating in very cold weather.

What to do in an Emergency

Please ring the out of hours emergency repairs hotline on 0845 6015676. This will take you through to our call centre ‘Ryecare'. Their staff are trained in how to deal with emergencies and will ask you information that will help them to determine whether it is a real emergency. If they do not class it as an emergency they are not authorised to send a contractor out but will take details and pass the repair on to us when our office is next open.

Sometimes emergencies are more appropriately dealt with by other companies. Situations where this might be the case include:

Suspected Gas Leak
Turn off the gas supply at the mains and open all windows. Do not operate electric switches or appliances. Do not smoke or use naked flames. On these occasions telephone Transco immediately on 0800 111999 and arrange to meet the gas engineer. Notify York Housing Association.

Evacuate the property, closing all doors behind you. Call the emergency services on 999.

Unless more urgent measures are required (see below for advice and additional numbers).

If all, or part of the supply fails, check your fuses. If the fuses are not the problem turn off the supply at the mains fuse box and ring the repairs hotline. If there is a total power failure in the area contact your electric company.

Please note that problems with electricity is a common reason why we have to recharge tenants. In the vast majority of cases it is the fuse that has tripped so please make sure you check before phoning us to avoid receiving a bill.

Water Supply
If this fails check the stopcock as not been turn off. If the problem persists turn of the water heater and phone the water authority.

Storm or Flood Damage
Telephone the repairs hotline and ask them to make the area affected safe. Call the emergency services is there is a danger of people being seriously injured.

Notify the Police immediately and the repairs hotline if the property is no longer secure.


Gas (Transco): 0800 111 999
If there is a gas leak call this number

Gas Supply Line: 0870 608 1524
This company can tell you which supplier provides the property you are moving into with gas

British Gas: 0845 609 1122
To arrange an account for your property in your name & to organise sending payment tokens/cards

Electricity Supply line: 0845 145 6789
This company can tell you which supplier provides the property you are moving into with electricity

Yorkshire Electricity: 0800 590 915
To arrange for an account for your property in your name & to organise sending payment tokens & cards

Yorkshire Water: 0845 124 2429


Q :- If the repair is my responsibility will I be given the opportunity to arrange for the repair to be carried out myself or will you do the work and charge me.

A :- Normally we would expect you to arrange for the repair yourself. ,Bearing in mind that if the repair is not carried out quickly, further damage to the property may occur we would ask you to make sure you do this as quickly as possible. Remember we are always here to give advice.

We may however, decide that the work needs to be done by our contactors for health and safety reasons and re-charge you the cost, this will be explained to you at the time and an arrangement to pay by instalments may be offered

Q :- if there is a water leak and my belongings are damaged will the Association replace them or pay me compensation.

A :- The Association is not responsible for compensating you for damage to your own belongings. We would strongly advise you to take out home contents insurance and will supply you with details of a company who provide cheap insurance for Housing Association tenants.


We have given all tenants a Handy Hints booklet which explains how to deal with repairs which are your responsibility. But if you are not sure who should do the repair contact your association staff and we will be pleased to help,

We are always looking for ways to improve the service to you and have carried out demonstrations on how to deal with repairs that are your responsibility at tenant events. During 2010 look out for more work we are doing to help and advise you on these type of repairs.

What you can expect from us and our Contractors

Our contractors should always contact you to make an appointment before doing any work.

They should be polite, presentable and carry ID Cards.

They should be considerate, take precautions to protect your carpets, decorations and furniture and clear up after themselves.

We welcome feedback on the service that ourselves and our contractors provide. We send you Tenants Satisfaction Survey, with a Freepost envelope. Your comments, both good and bad, will help us to make sure that we provide the best possible repairs service.

How you can help when our contractors visit your home ?

We always encourage our customers to ask anyone working on behalf of YHA to show their I.D.

To help us carry out the work efficiently you can help by making sure the area around the repair is free from obstruction.

You should also keep any pets, especially dogs, under control, and make sure your children are kept a safe distance away from the area where the work is being carried out.

Rechargeable Repairs

In some circumstances the Association will recharge tenants if repair costs are assessed as being the responsibility of the tenant. These circumstances include :

Recharges are made to tenants for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Where the tenant, their household members or visitors have caused accidental or willful damage to property
  • Reinstatement where the tenant has carried out DIY to a poor standard
  • Where a contractor has made an appointment with a tenant to carry out a repair, the tenant subsequently fails to give access and the Association receives a bill for an abortive visit
  • Where the Association has made an appointment with a tenant for the Property Maintenance Worker to carry out a repair and the tenant does not give access


Your Right to Repair

As a tenant you have the right to have repair work carried out. This is your legal entitlement and details are set out in your Tenant Handbook.

We are told by new customers how good it is to read stories from people we have supported.  It helps customers feel that they don't have unique problems and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Have you had support from our service? Would you like to share your story with others? Please let your Support Worker know and together we can bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to others.

ST was referred to York Homeless Prevention by the Mental Health Early Intervention Team as she was failing in her tenancy.

ST was working part time and thought this was enough to get by on and that she had no need to claim the relevant benefits she was entitled to. She had been using credit cards to supplement her income.

At the outset ST wanted seemed to want to engage with our service but she wasn't well, wasn't medicating and was ill so didn't keep in contact. The Housing Support Worker with his knowledge of mental health persisted and kept trying to engage with ST but she frequently disappeared from her home for periods of time. Unfortunately ST was sectioned and at this point got back in contact with the Housing Support Worker. Her situation had escalated and she was being taken to Court for non-payment of Council Tax, non-payment of Water, was receiving demands by credit card companies and had been served a NOSP by CoYC.

Now that ST was sectioned and receiving the right medication and support, the Housing Support Worker was able to engage with ST a lot better and over the period of 9 months has supported ST to;

  • Make a new claim for DLA
  • Claim a tax rebate of £900
  • Negotiate with CYC to withdraw the NOSP due to her vulnerabilities
  • Suspended action on the Council Tax arrears due to her vulnerability
  • Negotiate with creditors and the bank to make payment plans
  • Made a referral to a charity to get ST a cooker for when she returned home.
  • Claim Working Tax credit
  • Make an application to Yorkshire water for a grant to pay off the arrears which has been received.
  • Look at budgeting and payment plans
  • Communicate with her employer and keep them updated

Without this flexible intervention, ST would have lost her home and on release from the psychiatric hospital would have been homeless and most probably been referred to a resettlement hostel where she would not have been able to cope because of her mental state and nature.

Update - ST has been allowed home as a result of everything that is now in place. Her discharge plan states that ST should continue to engage with her Housing Support Worker as a stable home has a positive effect on ST's condition.


SP a 30 year old single female came to us pregnant and living in a 3 bedroom house with 3 other adults and one child. She was staying in a single bedroom with her brother and was sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

We worked with the local Rent Assist Scheme and the Home Options Team to find SP more suitable housing. SP was served a notice to leave the property because of overcrowding. In partnership with the local rent assist scheme we provided SP with a deposit for a new house and 4 weeks rent and after working closely with the home options team found SP a new suitable property which she moved into. SP has since given birth to a baby girl and is happy in her new home and is free from the threat of homelessness.




Auden House has its own onsite hairdressing salon.  This is ideal for all residents and members of the public are welcome too!

The prices are very reasonable and the hairdressers are fully trained and versatile in style colours and cuts.  Please telephone Mwah to book an appointment.


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

Our Tenant Scrutiny Panel has been in existance since 2014.  All the members are tenants who give up their time voluntarily.  They have undergone a series of training to help them understand how the organisation works and they work with staff and our Board looking at different aspects of our business to help us ensure we are delivering a high quality cost effective service to our customers.

Please find below our most recent Tenant Scrutiny Panel Newsleter...

Tenant Scrutiny Report on Listening & Responding to customers 2017

Tenant Scrutiny Panel Newsletter August 2016

Garden & Grounds Maintenance Scrutiny Report 2015

Tenant Scruntiny Panel Report 2016

We are pleased to offer our meeting room and internet cafe for hire. 

Rates are:


Commercial organisations £15 per hour or £75 per day

Non commercial organisations £10 per hour or £50 per day

Refreshments are available throughout the day.  A selection of buffet lunches can be ordered.


£50 per day (charged at six hours), includes five PCs

Individual machines £1.50 per hour

Printing - 10p per page black and white, 20p per page colour


Free of charge to residents.

£2.50 per session to members of the public.  Please note: anyone using the bathroom needs to organise help from their own carer.

If you would like further information or to hire a meeting room, please telephone Auden House on 01904 466056 or email info@yorkha.org.uk.


This page was researched and designed by Becca Smith and Jack Bradley, students at Huntington School, York.  The project was part of a programme between YHA and Huntington School to give students work experience and broaden their knowledge of social housing.

Please view our performance during 2014/15.




Tenant Satisfaction Survey the results are in!

Thank you to all of our tenants who took the time to fill in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey questionnaire at the end 2015.  We are really pleased with the results because they show that overall tenants are happy with YHA as their landlord.  However, there is always room for improvement and we are doing some further work to address the areas where tenants felt less satisfied with our services - more detail on this will be provided in the next Tenant Newsletter.  The table below shows the headline figures from the survey and you can follow the link to the full report.


Overall satisfaction with YHA as landlord


Satisfaction with quality of home


Satisfaction with the repairs service



Tenant Satisfaction Survey




Corporate Plan

Interim Corporate Plan 2018 - 2021


To view our Value for Money Statement 2017  please click here.
To view our Value for Money Strategy please click here.

Financial Statements for year ended 31 March 2017/18

Financial Statements for year ended 31 March 2016/17

Financial Statements for year ended 31 March 2016



Annual Reports








Anti Bribery Policy and Fruad Policy

One of the Associations core values is to uphold responsible and fair business practices.  It is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in relation to all its business activities.  

To find out more about the Anti Bribery Policy and the Fraud Policy please click the links.

Board - Minutes of Meetings

18 May 2017
16 March 2017

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Leaflet

Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards

Tenant Newsletters

Autumn 2018

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Fire Saftey Information

Fire Safety Information

Tenant Scrutiny Panel Reports

TSP Action Plan Planned Maintenance

Will the service cost me anything?

If you live in one of our supported housing projects where there is a Support Worker on site or a Support Worker comes to visit you then there is a charge for the support service. 

If you claim housing benefit and this covers your full rent you will have this service paid for. If you get some housing benefit then you will also be entitled to help to pay your support charge. 

If you are on a low income you may also get help to pay the charge. Your Support Worker or Housing Officer can help you with this.

If you are receiving support on one of our flexible support scheme there is no charge to you. Supporting People fund the service.

We will tell you whether you need to pay anything and will help you to claim any monies you are entitled to.

How long can I receive support?

If you live in a supported house then the support is part of your tenancy agreement. As long as you stay in your accommodation you will be expected to meet regularly with your Support Worker.  You can tell your Support Worker how often you would like them to visit and appointments will be made at times to suit you.

If you have flexible support you can receive support for as long as two years. Our crisis intervention service in York provides support for 3-4 weeks. If needed we would refer you to another support service after this time.

What kind of things can you help me with?

  • Settle into a new tenancy and set up gas, electricity and water accounts or apply for a TV license. Make sure you are registered for council tax and other services.
  • Report repairs or deal with other matters regarding your tenancy
  • Get to know your local area, where schools, libraries and public transport are
  • Claim all the benefits you are entitled to.
  • Work out a budget so that you don't get into debt
  • Make arrangements with people you owe money to or refer to specialist debt advisors

What happens if you help me to reach my goals and then different things crop up that I need help with?

  • We can draw up a new support plan and goals with you if your support place is still ongoing
  • When your support placement ends we will leave you with the information you need to access help with new things
  • You can be re-refereed to the scheme. We will make sure you know how to ask for this when we close your support place

What happens if I don't want to receive the support in my home?

Together we will find a suitable location for you to have your support sessions at.

Will my support worker tell anyone else what we discuss or what's in my support plan?

We have strict rules about confidentiality and will only share information with other agencies with your consent. The only exception is if we feel that you or other people may be at risk.

What happens at the end of my support programme?

At the start of your support programme we will meet with you on a weekly basis. Once we have resolved any immediate issues we will begin work on your long term aims. During this time we will probably meet with you once a fortnight. Towards the end we may only need to meet monthly.

At the end of your time on the support service we will do a final review of the support you have received from us. This will show if we helped you achieve your goals. We will provide you with a list of useful contacts and make sure you know what to do if you have problems in the future.

Will I have the same Support Worker all the time?

We cannot guarantee that you will have the same support worker all the time. Our staff can leave at anytime or take on different duties. You will always have a named support worker.  Our staff are all expected to deliver the support service to the same high standard so you will receive the same level of service regardless of which member of staff is giving you support. 

What happens if I am not happy about the support service?

Please tell us if you are not happy with the support service. Please tell your Support Worker if at all possible to see if a solution can be found. We will give you a leaflet explaining how to make a complaint when you sign onto the scheme. We will check that you know how to make a complaint during your review which will be at least every six months.

What happens if I am not happy with my Support Worker?

Our staff are well trained, work to high standards and are expected to behave professionally at all times. However, if you are not happy with our service we will explain how to complain.

To download a copy of our Tenant Handbook please click on the link.




Affordable housing
Affordable housing is housing built with subsidy from the Government, Housing Association or other means, either for rent, outright sale, or shared ownership. The subsidy enables the cost of rent/purchase to be affordable for households who cannot otherwise afford the market rent/sale price in the area.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
Is behaviour which goes against what is generally acceptable to society. This can include criminal acts as well as less serious behaviour such as general un-neighbourly behaviour.

Black Minority Ethnic, term used to describe minority groups recognised as falling under the Race Relations Act 1976.

Board members
All housing associations have board members who form the governing body and oversee the work of the executives and the organisation.

Extra Care
Extra care is now widely used to describe retirement housing, for rent, owned or part owned, where care is available. As residents' needs change, the level of care they receive can also change without the resident having to move.

Equality and Diversity
To define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.

Floating Support
Floating support is often used to support people living in their own home in short-term periods of difficulty and can cover a range of issues, tailored to individual needs.

Housing Benefit
A means tested welfare benefit administered by the local authority providing eligible residents assistance in meeting the cost of rent. Helps residents to pay their rent. All tenants, Council, Housing Association or private, are eligible to apply. How much help anyone receives depends on their income and other circumstances.

Homes England
The housing and regeneration agency for England. They provide funding for affordable housing and improve quality of life by raising standards for the physical and social environment.

Housing Ombudsman
The Ombudsman can investigate complaints and other matters referred to them and make recommendations for action. They are independent of the people and organisations they investigate.

Major repairs
Replacement of life-expired major components of a property (eg. roof, windows, kitchens, bathrooms). Usually planned in advance. Also referred to as Planned Maintenance. Tenants are consulted on this work.

Mutual Exchange
A tenant's right, under certain conditions, to exchange his/her tenancy with the tenant of the same landlord or another public sector landlord.

Regulator of Social Housing

This Body regulates all registered Housing Providers


Racial Harrassment
Violence which may be verbal or physical and which includes attacks on property as well as on the person. The violence is suffered by individuals or groups because of their colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins.

Risk Management
A method of identifying, assessing and monitoring risks in a way that enables an organisation to minimise losses and maximise opportunities.

Service Charges
The money leaseholders pay for services such as caretakers, common rooms and cleaning, lighting and maintenance of common parts and gardening.

Shared Ownership
Shared ownership helps people who cannot afford the full cost of buying a home outright. With shared ownership you buy a share of your home and rent the rest.

Social Housing Grant
Grant from the Homes and Communities Agency to subsidise the cost of developing affordable housing. It is given to Housing Associations to develop schemes in their area.

A person, group, organisation, or system who affects or can be affected by an organisation's actions

Supported Housing
Housing which has additional support services with it for the residents.

Transferring Properties
If you are currently a tenant and wish to transfer to another of our properties we have an internal transfer list.

Void Costs
These are the costs associated with an empty property and can include the cost of repairs to that property or the rent loss from that property whilst it is empty.


Board members

  • Janet Whipps - Chair of Board
  • Mike Leonard
  • Mike Newbury
  • Mike Wills
  • Pat Southgate
  • Alison Rusdale
  • Paul Fidderman


MD Julia Histon - Managing Director
OD Kate Spencer Operations Director

A-Z Miscellaneous


AGM Annual General Meeting
ASB Anti Social Behaviour
AST Assured Shorthold Tenancy
CoYC City of York Council
CLG Communities and Local Government Department
CRB Criminal Records Bureau (now DBS Disclosure & Barring Service)
CSS Customer Service Standards

DBS Disclosure & Barring Service
E&D Equality & Diversity
EHRC Equality and Human rights Commission
EOP Equal Opportunities Policy
ERoYC East Riding of Yorkshire Council

H&S Health & Safety
HA Housing Association
HB Housing Benefit
HCA Homes and Communities Agency
IiP Investors in People
IMR Intermediate Market Rent
KLOE Key Lines of Enquiry
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LCC Leeds City Council
NHF National Housing Federation
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PCT Primary Care Trust
PSL Private Sector Leasing
QAF Quality Assessment Framework
RD Resource Director
RDC Ryedale District Council
RFSS Ryedale Flexible Support Scheme
RHA Ryedale Housing Association
RP Registered Provider
SBC Scarborough Borough Council
SHG Social Housing Grant
SP Supporting People
SPPF Supporting People Providers Forum
YHA York Housing Association


York Housing Association's Support Services aim to enable customers to maintain their accommodation and improve the quality of their lives.

We are committed to continuous improvement and to achieve this we need the help of our customers.

Reviewing your Support

Customers are asked continually throughout their support programme if we could do things better. Changes could be, increase or decrease in time spent at support sessions, location of support sessions, preference for a different support worker or even preference for a male of female worker. Where we can make these changes, we will.

At the end of support, customers are able to comment and give feedback on how they felt the support programme went. Any changes or feedback that have been suggested are implemented where possible.     

House meetings in Supported Accommodation

Our customers who live in supported housing have regular house meetings in which they can get involved.  In these meetings there is a chance to tell us what we are doing well and what we could do better.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that may be placed on your device when you visit our site. When you next visit our site the cookie allows us to distinguish you from other users.  York Housing Association can analyse the number of visitors to the website and see how visitors move around the site.  This will help us improve the way our website works by enabling us to tailor the website to the way visitors use it.  

Your right to refuse cookies and what happens if you refuse them

You can refuse cookies by activating the relevant setting on your browser.  However, if you do so you may not be able to access all or parts of our site. If you carry on using our site and do not change your browser settings we will assume you consent to us using cookies as described above.


From 1 April 2013 tenants classed as being of ‘working age' who are considered to be ‘under-occupying' their homes will see a reduction in the amount of Housing Benefit that they receive.  If you have one spare bedroom then your benefit will be reduced by 14% while those claimants who have two spare bedrooms will lose 25% of benefit.  If you find that you fall into this group of people and would prefer to move home, please contact us on 01904 636061 and we may be able to offer you a priority transfer to a smaller sized property.

Single People

If you are a single person living in a 2 bedroom property your Housing Benefit entitlement will reduce.   Also if you are a single person, aged 35 or under, and living in a 1 bedroom property your benefit could reduce because you can only claim at the shared room rate.


A couple, sharing a 2 bedroom property would also be considered to be under-occupying.  There are some exceptions to this where specific situations arise.  If you think you have a need for 2 bedrooms, you must contact Housing Benefit as soon as possible to discuss this.

Single People or Couples with children

New rules are being introduced around the age at which it is acceptable for children to share rooms.  This may mean that many families may now find that they are considered to be under-occupying their homes.  The regulations expect that 

  • Children under 16 of same gender share a bedroom
  • Children under 10 regardless of gender will share a bedroom

So, if a family comprise of 2 adults and 2 girls under 16 and they occupy a 3 bedroom house, they will be under occupying by 1 bedroom. 

Or, if a family comprises of 1 adult and 3 children under 10 and they occupy a 3 bedroom property they will also be under occupying by 1 bedroom.


If you are wishing to stay in your home after the changes, then we would encourage you to begin budgeting now, for the additional sum that you will have to pay. Please see the information below about accessing a bank account (if you don't already have one), and setting up Direct Debits or Standing Orders to make these payments.



The government is introducing Universal Credit for ‘working age' claimants as a single point of payment for all Welfare Benefits.  This will start from October 2013.  

If you receive Welfare Benefits there are two things that you need to consider before these changes take place.  And, we can provide help and support for our customers who are concerned about the changes to help you overcome these difficulties.

The first important change which will affect you is that claims for Housing Benefit will no longer be assessed and paid by the local authority.  Universal Credit will be administered nationally, by the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP).  They will assess existing, and new, welfare and housing benefit claims, making one total payment to people who are entitled to them.  Only in exceptional circumstances will housing benefit be paid direct to York Housing Association.


Under Universal Credit your benefit entitlements, including housing benefit will be paid directly into your bank account.  You will then need to make arrangements to budget for and pay your rent from the bank account to York Housing Association.  Payments can be made from your bank account by setting up a Direct Debit with the Association, which is then administered for you by the Association.  Or if you prefer, you can set up a Standing Order with the bank to pay your rent.  If you already have a bank account and would like to pay by Direct Debit or Standing Order, please let us know and we will forward the appropriate forms to you.


If you do not already have a bank account, you will need to open one now in preparation for these changes.  Many banks and building society's offer ‘Basic Bank Accounts' for money to be paid in, and where you can only make withdrawals using a ‘cashcard' or by Direct Debit and Standing Order.  They do not usually have cheque books or ‘debit card' attached to them so you can only pay your Direct Debits or Standing Orders and make withdrawals if the money is in your account.  These are a useful accounts from which you can pay your rent and your other regular bills such as utilities, but you must make sure that you have money in the account to meet the outgoings otherwise you will be charged for this. 

We can give you some advice about how to go about opening a bank account, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Housing Officer or Housing Support Worker.


The majority of claims will have to be applied for ‘online' and because DWP will communicate with you electronically you will be required to have an email address for correspondence from them.  If you already have an email account that you have not already told us about, please could you let us know?


If you do not have access to the internet, please contact us or DWP for advice, or you may be able to access this, free of charge, through your local library.   Finding a way of accessing the internet may also be useful for you as a way to access and manage your banks accounts or to arrange lower priced gas and electricity contracts.


If you have not yet done so, please let us know if you need any help with this changeover and we will do what we can to help you, or point you in the direction of people that can help.  Please telephone us on 01904 636061.

The Association currently owns housing in the following local authority areas:

  • York
  • Leeds
  • Scarborough
  • Whitby
  • Norton
  • East Riding of Yorkshire

We have Supporting People contracts in:

  • Leeds
  • North East Lincolnshire

We have sheltered and extra care schemes in:

  • Leeds
  • York

We provide homeless accomodation in partnership with the local authority in:

  • Scarborough.

We also provide support services in:

  • York
  • North East Lincolnshire

In this section you will find useful information about your home.

We own and manage our own housing stock, provide management services for others and own properties where other people manage on our behalf.

We have accommodation in the following areas;


  • General Needs accommodation for single people, couples and families.

  • Shared accommodation for single people.
  • Supported accommodation for people with mental ill health, learning disabilities and single vulnerable women.
  • Sheltered accommodation for single people and couples over the age of 55.
  • Accommodation for single students, and couples or families where one person in the household is registered as a full time student at the University of York.
  • We own properties for people with learning disabilities in need of 24 hour care and support. The support is provided by a range of specialist agencies.

We own the Arc Light Building which provides accommodation and 24 hour support for homeless men and women.

We provide supported shared accommodation to homeless single people. The support is provided by Peasholme Centre Charity.

We lease properties from City of York Council that provide accommodation and support to young people moving on from supported housing.

We also manage properties on behalf of Home Group and Tees Valley Housing (part of Fabrick Group).

We have an estate in Rothwell which provides accommodation for single people, couples and families plus sheltered accommodation for people over the age of 55.

In Harrogate district we provide one property for people with learning difficulties, in Ripon, managed by the Wilf Ward Family Trust.


  • Accommodation for people with mental ill health.
  • We provide supported shared accommodation to homeless single people. The support is provided by the Cambridge Centre Charity.
  • We manage a block of 24 flats which are used as temporary accommodation for homeless households


General Needs accommodation for couples and families.

East Riding
General Needs Accommodation for couples and families in Beverley.

We provide accommodation for people with learning disabilities who need 24 hour care and support managed on our behalf by a specialist agency in the following areas





Market Weighton




We believe that the only way to provide excellent services is to work in partnership with tenants.

There are various ways in which you can get involved. We recognise that not everyone wants to attend meetings or fill in questionnaires and so we have in place a variety of ways for tenant's to have input. Below are details of the activities that you could be involved in, with some idea of the amount of time they might take up.

To view our Customer Involvement Strategy 2012/2015 please click on the link.

Customer Panel

A group of tenants who meet for one day twice a year to discuss a variety of topics. To find out more about the work of the Customer Panel please click on the link.

Board Membership

We have a comprehensive governance framework which includes role profiles, ground rules, recruitment procedures etc. Good governance is critical to the success of the organisation.

The Association is governed by a Board of up to 15 members, who give up their time voluntarily.

Board Membership is open to any tenant, although we suggest that tenants become members of the Customer Panel first to get some experience. Board meetings are held during the evening six times a year. There are also other times when the Board meets, such as Board Away Days.

We will provide training and support to make sure it is a positive experience for you.

If you do not want to be directly involved in regular meetings you can still be a Shareholder for the nominal fee of £1. This gives you an invitation to the Annual General Meeting, a right to vote and the chance to influence and direct our work.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member or a Shareholder please contact the Chief Executive.


We produce the News and Views tenant newsletter three times a year. If you are interested in becoming involved in writing, illustrating or editing articles please speak to your Housing Officer.

You can decide how much time you wish to put into this activitiy.

Void Inspectors

Would you be interested in inspecting properties to make sure they meet our lettable standard before we re-let them? If so we will provide training, transport and £10 each time.

A void inspection usually takes less than an hour and you choose how often you wish to do this.

Please speak to your Housing Officer if you are interested.

Estate Inspectors

Are you interested in walking around your estate/scheme with your Housing Officer to identify anything that can be done to improve your surroundings? Examples of improvements might include gardening, tree planting, minor repairs and improvements and other ways to brighten up or even make the area safer for residents. We are looking for tenants who would like to get involved.

Estate inspections usually take place about twice a year and would take no longer than an hour (depending on the size of the scheme you live on).

For more information please contact your Housing Officer.

Tenants Associations

A Tenants Association is a group of people living in the same neighbourhood, who can get together to find ways to improve their area, and their homes. Tenant's Associations have been successful in working with the Association to improve the repairs services, suggest improvements to properties and their surroundings, and help to tackle anti-social behaviour.

They are a good way for neighbours to get to know each other, develop a sense of community and enjoy social gatherings as well.

We can offer help, advice and financial support to help with setting up.

If you are interested in forming a Tenant's Association, or joining one, please contact your Housing Officer.

Other Ways to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved in particular services we would like to hear from you. We are looking for tenants who are happy for us to either phone, e-mail, visit, send questionnaires or invite to focus groups. All you have to do is tell us what areas you are interested in and your preferred method of contact and we'll do the rest. These are some of the areas where your input would be helpful, but feel free to come up with other suggestions.

Repairs and Maintenance
Property Improvements (such as heating, new kitchens and bathrooms etc)
Anti-social behaviour
Organising Tenant Events
Policies on things such as pets, renewing fences and how we allocate properties
Other policies and procedures (such as confidentiality, Equality and Diversity)
Input into new housing

You decide how much time you have to offer. Please contact your Housing Officer if you are interested.

To view our Tenant Involvement Strategy please click here.

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Board Meeting Minutes
Customer Panel Meeting Minutes
Tenant Newsletters


I am registered on the Council waiting list, do I still need to apply to you?

No, you do not need to apply to us, as we are in partnership with the City of York Council (01904 551550) and to make things easier for you there is only one application form to complete and one joint waiting list.  If you are applying for accommodation in Leeds you will need to contact Leeds City Council on 01132 476313.

How far up on the waiting list am I?

Unfortunately we are not able to answer this for you as the City of York Council and Leeds City Council hold these details, so please contact them direct and they will be able to help you.

What is sheltered accommodation?

Sheltered accommodation is for people over the age of 55.  We have no live in wardens on site, but we have sheltered housing support workers, who are on site for a few hours a day. We have three schemes in York, and one in Rothwell, Leeds.  Please contact us on 01904 636061 if you require any further information.

How long does it take to re-house an applicant?

Unfortunately we are not able to tell you this, as it will depend on your housing need and in which category you have been banded.  Again contact your local authority or our reception for more information.

We have Supporting People contracts in the following local authority areas:

  • City of York
  • North East Lincolnshire

We provide support services to a diverse range of customers, including:

  • people with mental ill health
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people who misuse substances
  • young people
  • people over 55
  • vulnerable single women
  • people who are homeless or facing homelessness
  • ex offenders

We offer support on a range of issues, including:

  • budgeting and debt,
  • independent living skills,
  • maintaining a tenancy,
  • poor health and disabilities,
  • cultural and faith issues,
  • access to English language classes,
  • substance misuse,
  • access to education,
  • training and employment
  • and settling into a new community.

The support that we provide is person centred and is focussed on setting goals to achieve positive outcomes.   We encourage customers to maximise their potential and to take an active part in their local community.

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Your Support Services

Development Services

The Property Team provides a comprehensive development service, meeting identified needs for family and supported housing, and managing our ongoing maintenance programme.
We always try to implement responsible environmental policies, minimising environmental damage and CO2 emissions. This is carried out on our existing stock as well as for new developments.

Recent schemes include:

  • The delivery of bespoke accommodation to provide greater independence for people with learning and physical disabilities.
  • New build general needs and shared ownership properties in York, Ryedale, Scarborough and Whitby
  • Provision of accommodation in Scarborough for young people.

The Association was one of the partners involved in the re-development of the Discus bungalows sites in York, providing new, energy efficient homes for the former Discus tenants, together with an extra-care scheme and a number of general needs homes for rent and sale.

Future projects include further schemes providing general needs and shared ownership properties. Meanwhile, we continue to carry out programmes of heating, kitchen, and bathroom replacement on our existing stock.

Working alongside the Operations Department, the Property Team plays a key role in setting up partnerships with outside bodies including Local Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, the Wilf Ward Family Trust, United Response, MENCAP etc to find opportunities for future development and new schemes.

We are currently acting as development agents for other housing associations who do not have their own development staff.

We are working closely with local authorities in Scarborough and York to provide temporary accommodation for homeless families by leasing homes from private owners.

If your organisation would like more information on any aspect of the Associations Development Services, please contact us on 01904 636061 or email info@yorkha.org.uk

Financial Services

York Housing Association is able to offer various accounting and financial processing services to smaller Housing Associations throughout the country.

We can provide

  • Purchase, sales and nominal ledger maintenance.
  • Rent accounting.
  • Payroll,
  • Budgeting and management accounting.

If your organisation would like more information on any of these services please contact us on 01904 636061 or e-mail info@yorkha.org.uk

Governance Services

When working in partnership or providing services to smaller organisations, we can provide general advice on governance issues e.g. consitution, scheme of delegation, standing orders, regulation, legislation etc.

If you would like more information on our Governance Services please contact Julia Histon, Chief Executive on 01904 636061.

Managing Accommodation for Others

We are able to offer a full management service to other registered providers which includes allocating properties, issuing tenancy agreements, collecting rents, arranging for repairs to be carried out and dealing with the full range of housing management issues such as anti-social behaviour and ensuring that tenants fulfill any tenancy obligations.

We are able to manage any size of stock in Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire.

If you would like more information on our Management Service please contact Kate Spencer, Operations Director on 01904 636061 or email katespencer@yorkha.org.uk

Working With Other Support Providers

We work with a number of agencies, who provide specialist (often 24 hour) support to some of our tenants.

We continue to own and maintain the property, but our managing agents employ the staff and provide support services.

We currently work with:

Arc Light

UBU - formerly Northern Lifecare
United Response
Wilberforce Homes
Wilf Ward Family Trust

Yorkshire Coast Homes

We also signpost tenants living in their own home to other organisations who can provide additional specialist support e.g.:

22 The Avenue
Age Concern
Bootham Park Hospital
Community Mental Health Team
Citizens Advice Bureau
City of York Council

Department of Work and Pensions
IDAS (Independant Domestic Abuse Service)
Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust
North Yorkshire Probation Service
MIND (York and District)
Our Celebration
Richmond Fellowship
Ryedale Housing Association

Salvation Army
The Retreat

YISP (Youth Inclusion Support Panels)
Yorkshire House


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